The 10 best movie action figures are, of course, based on the best characters, right? There are lots of cool characters from movies. The following movie action figures are based on some of the coolest characters of all time. 

  1. King Kong. The King Kong movie action figure stands 7.2 inches tall. It has swiveling joints for city destroying action. Use this action figure with your favorite "Lego" set. 

  2. Rambo. This nifty action figure from the movie "Rambo First Blood Part Two" stands 7.1 inches tall. It comes with an enormous bow and arrow plus a knife. 

  3. Mr. Orange. "Reservoir Dogs" character Mr. Orange does indeed have an action figure based on him. The action figure stands 6.75 inches tall. It comes with a variety of accessories, including alternate hands. 

  4. The Green Hornet. This charming movie action figure from "The Green Hornet" movie stands six inches tall. If he gets lonely, there is also an action figure for his sidekick Kato The Green Hornet action figure is highly detailed with movable joints. 

  5. The Crow. The Crow action figure is, of course, based on the Eric Draven character in "The Crow". This one talks, folks. The action figure is also very large and stands eighteen inches tall. 

  6. Dick Tracy. If you want a great Dick Tracy doll, take a look at the "Dick Tracy: Coppers and Gangsters" action figure or others from the "Playmates" company. Dick is one hell of a sleuth and a great friend. 

  7. Officer Jones. Michael Winslow played this character who was known for making sound effects with his mouth in the "Police Academy" movies. Squeeze his right arm and his mouth opens. The action figure does not make sound effects, however. Shucks. This movie action figure was made in 1989 and may be hard to find. 

  8. Edward Scissorhands. The "Japanese Ice Edition" of the Edward Scissorhands movie action figure stands 6.5 inches tall. It is made by the "Yellow Submarine" company. 

  9. Leatherface. The action figure for this lovable character from "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" comes with a chainsaw and a bloody knife. The face is especially green. It kind of looks like he has to puke. 

  10. Hare Krishna Zombie. This seven inch tall action figure is based on the Hare Krishna monk/zombie character in "Dawn of the Dead". It comes with some very nice accessories such as a tambourine and supply boxes. If you want to freak out your in laws, then this has to be one of the best movie action figures you can ask for other than Leatherface