A majority of the 10 best mountaineering movies take place in the United States and feature American actors who prove they can at least look like a real mountain climber, even if their stunt people do most of the mountaineering for them. If you’re a mountaineering or caving fan, check out this list for some of the best mountaineering movies.

  1. "Cliffhanger" Sylvester Stallone is a professional mountaineer who ends his career after he drops an inexperienced climber off a climbing cable. But he’s back in business to protect the area from a bomb threat and save kidnapped victims at the same time.

  2. "127 Hours" Desperate conditions call for desperate measures for James Franco who plays mountain climber Aron Ralston in the 2010 cliffhanging thriller that happens to be a true story. This movie takes place in the canyon mountain areas of Utah.

  3. "Where Eagles Dare" One of the most popular World War II movies is also one of the best mountaineering movies ever made. Richard Burton plays a double agent opposite Clint Eastwood as the two take their teams to fool Nazi officers and take over a fortress.

  4. "Shoot to Kill" Kirstie Alley is a hostage in a mountain fortress and is held for ransom because she’s the wife of a jewelry store owner. An FBI agent, played by Sidney Poitier, hires a tracker to help him find Kirstie in the mountains and bring her kidnapper to justice.

  5. "K2" K2 is apparently one of the largest mountains in the world, second only to Mount Everest. When two friends beg to join a team of mountaineers, the real fun begins because K2 is one of the hardest mountains to climb in the world.

  6. "On Her Majesty’s Secret Service" In one of the best mountaineering movies, James Bond shows off his mountaineering abilities, which takes place in the chilly mountain air of Switzerland. The mountaineering fun includes skis, helicopters and a very nasty female villain.

  7. "Survival Quest" Mark Rolston and Lance Henriksen (who, oddly enough, also appeared together in the 1986 movie “Aliens”) star as mountaineering rivals. Rolston is a mercenary training his team for killing while Henriksen is a mountain man training his students for wilderness survival. It turns into one of the best mountaineering movies when the two teams cross hairs and bullets fly.

  8. "Race to Witch Mountain" If you’re a fan of The Rock, you can’t miss the Disney flick “Race to Witch Mountain.” Although it’s a far cry from the original, the alien children are rather endearing, even if they are leading The Rock right up to a fiery mountain crawling with thugs.

  9.  "The Crimson Rivers:" Vincent Cassel of “Ocean’s Twelve” and Jean Reno of “The Professional” work together on a gruesome case of icy mountain murders and decapitations. Things get even bloodier when they find a mutant twin is at the heart of the murders.

  10. "Switchback" Dennis Quaid and Danny Glover star in one the most underrated mountain movies “Switchback.” Quaid plays a serial killer who kidnaps the wrong man’s son and keeps him hostage in the Rocky Mountains.