The 10 best mountain climbing movies depict the danger climbers manage each time they undertake a new task. The sense of these climbers’ accomplishment in light of the threats to their health and safety make these movies a must-see for any thrill seeker.

  1. "Vertical Limit." This mountain climbing film is often identified as the movie that best depicts the perils of the sport. The movie’s plot is of a brother who must rescue his sister from K2, the second highest peak in the world. “Vertical Limit” is not short on thrills, making it an excellent mountain climbing film.

  2. "Alive." The inclusion of cannibalism does not hinder this mountain climbing movie from being one of the best. When a rugby team’s plane crashes in the Andes, the members must do whatever they can to stay alive, including climbing the mountain that separates them from civilization. This film is undoubtedly one of the greatest mountain climbing movies.

  3. "Touching the Void." This documentary film follows two climbers as they tackle the Siula Grande in the Andes. The climb had never before been achieved, but on the way back down one climber is seriously injured. When it seems that the two can’t continue, the healthy climber lets the injured fall into a crevice. For its extreme realism, “Touching the Void” is one of the best mountain climbing movies of all time.

  4. "Third Man on the Mountain." This Disney film follows a Swiss climber as he struggles to conquer the mountain that killed his father. While dated due to having been released in 1959, the film’s portrayal of the emotional side of climbing is unsurpassed. “Third Man on the Mountain” is a great mountain climbing film.

  5. "Into Thin Air: Death on Everest." This movie follows a disastrous 1996 climb in which eight climbers were killed and a storm stranded others on Everest. The movie also shows the other groups that were trying to climb on the same day, and how competition may have played a role in the catastrophe.

  6. "Miracle on Everest." This documentary tells the tale of Australian climber Lincoln Hall who lived to tell the tale of his climb up the famous mountain, despite having previously been declared dead near its peak. For its authentic depiction of the strength it takes to climb Everest, this film is one of the best about mountain climbing.

  7. "The Mountain." Made in 1959, this film follows a selfish man as he pushes his retired-climber brother to help him journey up the Alps. The journey’s goal is to rob the bodies of plane crash victims. The movie stars Spencer Tracy and is a classic mountain climbing film.

  8. "Cliffhanger." In this action film, climbers fight to be the first to find suitcases full of cash. The problems they encounter during the way, however, just might be their undoing. “Cliffhanger” is a good mountain climbing movie.

  9. "K2." When two avid but beginner climbers encounter a man focused on conquering K2, they push him to let them join the group. What they face on their journey, however, was unimaginable and just might prove their undoing.

  10. "The Climb." This film follows two mountain climbers who, after a successful rescue mission, are granted another shot at life. As the two join together for the climb of a lifetime, they struggle with their ambitions and faith. The conclusion is particularly surprising and alone makes the film worthy of being identified as one of the best mountain climbing movies.