The 10 best live action movies of all time is more or less asking what the best non-animated films of all time are, making up about ninety percent of all the films ever made. There are many amazing movies out there that have been made over the history of cinema, so it's tough to narrow it down to only ten great live action movies. But the ones in this list are collected based upon other critics' inclusion in lists like this one over the years, as well as their ability to be great no matter what time period they are seen in.

  1. "When Harry Met Sally" is the best live action romantic comedy movie ever made. Brilliantly written, it follows the relationship of a man named Harry (Billy Crystal) with a woman named Sally (Meg Ryan), charting how they meet, each time they cross paths over the course of their lives and finally, how they end up together. Didn't mean to ruin the ending, but it's what's inside the film that counts.

  2. "Shane" is the best live action Western ever made. It is simple in it's story, dealing with a man who is trying to escape his past and do good for a family out on the range. It is brilliantly acted and paced, heartwarming and violent all at the same time.

  3. "Raging Bull" is the best live action sports movie ever made. Many consider this Martin Scorcese's masterpiece, but that's tough to say, considering he has so many other films that are tantamount to works of art.

  4. "Rear Window" is the best live action thriller ever made, be the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock. Again, as with other great films, the story is incredibly simple--a man with a broken leg, watching people from the window of his apartment building. Then he observes someone possibly committing a murder and hiding a body.

  5. "The Wizard of Oz" is the best live action fantasy film ever made. This is primarily because it was the first but also because it charms the socks off of kids and adults alike to this very day. And, it was released in the '30's.

  6. "Alien" is the best live action science fiction movie ever made, though it verges on a horror film. But it takes place all on one wildly futuristic, gothic ship with a creature hunting the crew onboard. It is the essence of sci-fi, as it is grounded in real characters placed in an environment that in buried in the depths of our imagination.

  7. "The Godfather" is the best live action gangster movie ever made. It is only slightly better then its sequel "The Godfather: Part II," as Coppola cemented himself as one of the greatest filmmakers of our time with both of those films.

  8. "Dr. Strangelove" is the best live action satire ever made by arguably the greatest director of them all, Stanley Kubrick. It satirically follows a story of what would happen if someone who had access to nuclear weapons snapped and decided to attack Russia during the Cold War. It is surprisingly a laughing matter.

  9. "Saving Private Ryan" is the greatest live action war movie ever made. There are a lot of great war films, but Spielberg's masterpiece about World War II takes the war scenes to the next level, despite infusing a lot of Hollywood into the story.

  10. "Jaws" may be the best live action movie ever made. Well, despite the animatronic shark. It has everything and the theme song alone changes the way you think about what covers 70 percent of the Earth.