These 10 best "Italian Job" movie quotes are the most interesting sections of dialogue in this 2003 heist film. With such a large ensemble cast that featured: Mark Wahlberg, Edward Norton, Mos Def, Charlize Theron, Jason Statham, Seth Green, and Donald Sutherland - there was a lot being said. These quotes from "The Italian Job" will give you an idea of the character's personalities if you have seen it or not.

  1. Stella: "I trust everyone. It's the devil inside them I don't trust." This clever quote to Steve from Stella helps to foreshadow negative traits of Steve's character - played by Edward Norton. Charlize Theron plays Stella who, after losing her father John, played by Donald Sutherland, is definitely not on the "trust everyone committee." 

  2. Lyle: "He said he named it Napster because it was his nickname because of the nappy hair under the's because I was napping when he stole it from me. He didn't even graduate." After Jason Statham's character Handsome Rob hears this over-the-top explanation from Lyle, a computer specialist played by Seth Green, he has had enough. Handsome Rob's response is also humorous. He says: "They shut him down; I wish they would do the same to you." 

  3. Steve: "You blew the best thing you had going for you. You blew the element of surprise."  (Charlie punches Steve) Charlie Croker: "Surprised?" Tension flared between Steve and Mark Wahlberg's character Charlie. This ironic exchange of quotes works on too levels - it is funny and it expresses their conflict. 

  4. Stella: " Does it have a receipt?" This is Stella's response to her dad after he tells her that he is sending her a gift. That is the last thing you would expect someone to say when receiving a present.  It shows how their relationship may have had several disappointments in the past.

  5. Lyle: (after seeing the name "Becky" on the cable-girl's left breast) "Becky, huh? Nice name. I wonder what she calls the other one."This quote stems from another funny Lyle/Handsome Rob moment. Handsome Rob responds to Lyle by saying: "And it's such a mystery why you don't have a girlfriend, Lyle." 

  6. Handsome Rob: "It's either bad traffic, peak traffic, slit-your-wrist traffic... you know, five people died from smoking in between traffic lights today" This quote from "The Italian Job" shows how seriously Handsome Rob takes his job in planning the group's heist route. We get a bit of his blunt personality Apparently he wouldn't have been the most appropriate choice for a elementary school crossing guard.

  7. Stella: "Well, why do you get to punch him and I don't?" Charlie: "Because those hands are way too valuable." That untrustworthy guy Steve is the subject of another quote from "The Italian Job". This is actually said after Charlie has punched Steve. Considering this is a heist film - that was a pretty good response.

  8. Left Ear: "Learn the language of poetry, art, romance, sex..." Handsome Rob: "Unlike you, my friend, I don't need a guidebook. Can we go?" Ironically Left Ear - a character who has lost some hearing - is played by an actor named Mos Def. Mos gives a great performance as this explosive expert and creative renaissance man. 

  9. Stella Bridger: "You know, the only thing worse than a thief is a coward." Steve: "Then you should of seen the way your Daddy begged for his life." No wonder Steve is so hated in "The Italian Job" - because of quotes like this. The only thing worse than talking trash about someone's father is talking trash about their dead father. What is even worse is if you are also the one involved in his death.

  10. Lyle: "I got the Holy Spirit... You should get on it... It's a good train." Lyle offers this amusing quote after finding out how much money his crew has stolen. You have to like Lyle, regardless of his goofiness. He says what he thinks is cool even if others may not agree.