The ten best Irish action movies test these emerald isle folk's luck with each and every turn in these non-stop thrill rides. Action movies go all out for the best entertainment and these Irish characters take it to the limit each time. The blood races as these Irish action movies explode with some of the best drama and conflict as their hero fights overwhelming odds to achieve their ultimate goal. No one can deny the sheer excitement when these action movies instill a little bit of Irish flavor to the mix. Here are the ten best Irish action movies: 

  1. "Patriot Games." Harrison Ford plays CIA agent Jack Ryan who foils an assassination attempt in England by a splinter group of the IRA. Now, Jack and his family are the targets of a Sean Bean's Miller who seeks revenge for the death of his brother during the botched attack.

  2. "Snatch." Guy Ritchie directs this whirlwind of a crime drama about two guys that get involved in fixing boxing matches for a known gangster named Brick Top. Their fall guy ends up getting knocked out by an Irish Gypsy, Brad Pitt, so now they must convince him to fight and drop the planned fight.

  3. "The Boondock Saints." Two Iris brothers, Connor and Murphy MacManus, unwittingly kill two Mafia thugs but are soon released and branded as heroes. The two believe this incident is a calling on God to go out and start a war against crime as murderous vigilantes. 

  4. "Last Man Standing." A lone gunman, Bruce Willis, stumbles upon a small Texan town called Jericho where the Irish and Italian gangs feud with each other. The gunman uses this opportunity to work for both gangs and making a good profit but a captive Mexican woman changes his amoral ways.

  5. "The Devil's Own." Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt star in this action thriller about an Irish man who stays with an NYC cop's family. Things turn when the cop discovers his house guest's true identity of an IRA assassin sent to the U.S. to purchase weapons.

  6. "The Departed." Leonardo DiCaprio is an undercover cop, Billy Costigan, who investigates the Irish mob boss, Frank Castello played by Jack Nicholson. Matt Damon is an insider to Castello who rises to the ranks of the Special Investigation Unit that threatens Costigan's undercover operation.

  7. "Ronin." Robert DeNiro and Jean Reno infiltrate a crew of specialists camped out in Paris to retrieve a mysterious suitcase before it is sold to the Russians. A double cross forces both agents to race against the IRA and others who want the suitcase for their own purposes.

  8. "Gangs of New York." Martin Scorsese directs this period piece set in 1863 at Five Points where a brutal battle was waged between Irish immigrants and native Protestants. Amsterdam Vallon, Leonardo DiCaprio, grows up and sets out on quest for revenge against the Bill the Butcher who killed his father.

  9. "A Prayer for the Dying." Mickey Rourke is an IRA bomber who leaves the group after he accidently kills a bus full of children. Now, the IRA wish to have him back and local gangster needs him too in order to take out a rival to his power.    

  10. "Blown Away." Jeff Bridges is a bomb squad instructor, Jimmy Dove, becomes haunted by his past back in Ireland. His former friend is a mad bomber played by Tommy Lee Jones who seeks out Jimmy and targets his loved ones for revenge.