The 10 best Indian action movies depict struggles for freedom, to right wrongs or for justice. As well as being intensely thrilling, these films are also emotional. While India has produced many great action movies, the ten below depict the best interpretations of the genre’s nuances.

  1. New York” This movie takes a look at the daily events that shape lives, but which most people only read about in newspapers. When Omar goes abroad for the first time in his life, it doesn’t take him long to fall in love with the country, particularly one of its most famous cities, New York. But when an FBI agent begins snooping around, he and his two friends find out what it’s like to be the ones in newspaper stores, and not those reading them. “New York” is a great Indian action movie.

  2. Main Hoon Na” Set at the end of hostilities between India and Pakistan, this movie shows the reaction of those who opposed the newly-established peace. Ram Prasad is one of those discontented individuals, and he decides to exact revenge by murdering an Indian military officer and his daughter. His plans for kidnapping the daughter, however, go disastrously awry, and he is forced to hold 100 students hostage. “Main Hoon Na” is one of the best Indian action films.

  3. Tashan” When Jeetendra agreed to teach English to a beautiful woman’s co-worker, it’s inevitable that he would fall in love. But what he finds out about her puts his life in jeopardy. An fast-paced and exciting film, "Tashan" is one of the best Indian action movies.

  4. Musafir” When a criminal sets out on one last job before retirement, he finds that he is nowhere closer to his desired peaceful life. When he finds out that the one who betrayed him is the very person he loved, he has no choice but to fight for his freedom, and his life. “Musafir” is one of the best Indian action movies.

  5. Wanted” Every criminal wants a piece of Mumbai, but the only way they can get their slice is by eliminating anyone else with their eye on the same pie. This action movie shows just how ruthless criminals can be. “Wanted” is a truly thrilling movie, and is one of India’s best action movies.  

  6. Apaharan” In this Indian film, the bribe a man pays to make his way onto the police force proves to have disastrous consequences for both him and his father. This film follows the interrelationship between criminals and authorities, showing that sometimes the two aren’t as different as initially believed. “Apaharan” is a thought-provoking, exciting movie, and is one of the greatest Indian action movies of all time.

  7. Karam” The story of a mafia assassin seeking redemption for his sins and vindication at the same time, “Karam” is extremely fast-paced and contains wonderful action scenes. It is the emotions involved in the character’s plight, however, that are the most moving. “Karam” is one of the greatest Indian action movies of all time.

  8. Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge” When Vir learns on his wedding day that his parents aren’t really his parents, the biggest shock for him comes later when he successfully defeats an assassination attempt. The movie follows Vir as he struggles to make sense of who he is and where he came from.

  9. James” James is a man dedicated to justice, and has no problem enforcing it when he feels necessary, particularly when it comes to stopping men from assaulting women. His help, however, causes him more trouble than he could have dreamed when it’s discovered that the man he beat up is a politician’s brother. “James” shows the dark side lurking in Bombay, and for that is a great action movie.

  10. Mohra” In this Indian action movie, a woman investigates the truth behind a man’s incarceration. Her fight to free him from his wrongfu conviction is successful, but it doesn’t mean that he is truly free: he soon realizes that he traded one prison for another. “Mohra” is a dramatic movie with great action scenes.