Everyone loves a good horse movie, and some of the 10 best horse racing movies have even won an Oscar or two. While the story is usually centered around one or two people who have a strong bond with the horse and believe in it's abilities, the movies themselves inspire the audience and give everyone a feel good feeling afterwards. Here are some of the best horse racing movies:

  1. "National Velvet" starring a young Elizabeth Taylor and Mickey Rooney, is an absolute vintage classic. Taylor plays a young girl who believes her troublesome horse has enough talent to win the Grand National Steeplechase, and goes against convention when she rides him in the race herself.

  2. "Seabiscuit" is based on the true story of Seabiscuit, a depression era race horse who was too small, his jockey too big, his trainer an old cowboy, and his owner a car salesman. He defeated the odds and raised the hopes of a country in despair. While the movie is not completely true to the facts, it is one of the best horse racing movies.

  3. "The Black Stallion" is based on the novel where a young boy is shipwrecked with a wild stallion and a strong bond is forged. The popular book and series sets a strong foundation for this movie and it's sequels. This 1979 film again stars Mickey Rooney and earned him an Oscar nomination for his role as the trainer. It is by far one of the best and most popular of horse racing movies.

  4. "Black Gold" is the complicated story of a boy and his horse who are adopted by a kind Indian man and his wife. The couple decides to breed their mare to the boy's horse, but they fall in with a shady manager and end up losing the mare to him.

  5. "Hidalgo" follows the story of a Pony Express rider and his Mustang who are invited to race against the finest Arabian horses in a 3,300 mile race across the Arabian desert. The cinematography, acting, and story make this one of the best horse racing movies in the past decade.

  6. "Secretariat" tells the story of the greatest race horse of our time. In order to appeal to movie audiences the film writers chose to focus much of the story around Secretariat's female owner and adversity to her. This is one of the best horse racing movies, with great acting and writing.

  7. "Shergar" is a 1999 film based on a true story. Shergar was a champion racehorse who was stolen by IRA terrorists and later rescued by a young boy. A bit different since this is Irish and not American horse racing, but this is still one of the best horse racing movies.

  8. "Dreamer: Inspired By A True Story"  is about a injured racehorse who is brought back to racing condition against all odds to race in the Breeder's Cup. The filly suffers a career ending broken leg, and is saved by a trainer and his daughter down on their luck.

  9. "On The Nose" is focused more around the people of the story and less about the horses. A janitor with a gambling problem needs to raise money to send his daughter to Trinity college. He finds an aboriginal head in a jar and discovers that the head is able to predict the winner of horse races. More amusing than mose, this is one of the best horse racing movies.

  10. "Dead Heat" is another movie that centers around the people that make the story. A former cop and his brother purchase a race horse, but just when the horse is showing promise it's stolen by a local mob boss in payment of a debt.