Putting together a list of the 10 best Hollywood adventure movies only becomes difficult when you realize just how many truly great adventure movies have been made over the last 100 years or so.  Iconic heroes and heroines are all over the place as well as wonderful monsters and perilous journeys.  Still, it is our job and we enjoy it, so without further ado:

  1. "Inception" - The newest of the great movies, it still stacks up to some older adventures. A flick about a group of criminals who are able to invade and manipulate other people's dreams is one of, if not the best adventure movie of all time.

  2. "Star Wars" - We know we're supposed to ad the "A New Hope" in the title as well, but we have decided to ignore the last three "Star Wars" movies that were made. This was the beginning of an epic trilogy that opened our minds to so many sci-fi possibilities.

  3. "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" - Another opening to an epic trilogy that made us froth at the mouth for all those that followed. This had less action than some of the others but was still awesomely paced and carried out.

  4. "Indiana Jones & The Raiders of the Lost Ark" - Sadly this was the beginning of a franchise that slowly went downhill. That does not mean that this particular flick wasn't one of the best adventure movies ever.

  5. "The Matrix" - This is right there with Raiders of the Lost Ark as far as kicking off a franchise on full blast, only to see the franchise bottom out. Still, the mind bending special effects in this movie went a long way to setting up the mind bending special effects in Inception.

  6. "Shawshank Redemption" - Somehow you know this movie is going to be great because it has redemption in the title. Spending the entire movie wondering if Andy is actually going to escape is better than it might sound.

  7. "Terminator 2" - Hey look, another member of a franchise. This was by far the best Terminator, even if it did have cheesy lines. The series wasn't taking itself too seriously which worked better than when it started to.

  8. "Reservoir Dogs" - An odd adventure movie because they don't really go anywhere, but yet it seems to fit in this category. The acting performances by the characters make this one of the best movies around.

  9. "Romancing the Stone" - This makes the list because it is arguably the best adventure comedy. Michael Douglas plays a sort of bootle Indiana Jones character and while he would have been a bad choice for the real Dr. Jones, he pulls this off brilliantly.

  10. "Lawrence of Arabia"  - Did you think our bias for the last 30 years was showing? So did we, which is why this epic adventure flick made the list. It also made the list because it truly is one of those adventure movies others were long measured against.