The best Hindi action movies live in the Bollywood world where showmanship rules. They present the same action stories western audiences are used to but exceed the visual flair that many people are used to. Regardless, these movies are still exciting action movies that will entertain anyone.

  1. “New York” – Directed by Kabir Khan, “New York” is one of the best Bollywood Hindi action movies released in 2009. The story follows three New York college students whose lives are changed by the September 11 attacks. When an FBI agent begins looking into the three students, their lives are turned upside down.

  2. “Luck” – Luck is one of the best Hindi action movies and follows a mafia kingpin who uses people to further his gambling industry. Sonjay Dutt stars in this thriller about a man who chooses people willing to try to rely on luck to survive treacherous events all in the name of the game.

  3. “Kaminey” – “Kaminey” tells the story of identical twins and their lives as very different individuals, one living the straight and narrow and the other taking shortcuts to survive. Shahid Kapoor plays bot brothers in one of the best Hindi action movies as they realize they need to work together to survive.

  4. “A Wednesday!” – “A Wednesday!” is a Hindi action movie that intercuts between a number of people on one Wednesday afternoon. The main plot surrounds a police officer who is ordered to release militants or bombs will be detonated around the city.

  5. “Race” – With a backdrop on the horse racing industry, Race is one of the best Hindi action movies. The story follows two brothers, one an aggressive smart and the other a laid back alcoholic. When a murder occurs, both brother’s lives are turned upside down as a police detective begins to close in on the family.

  6. “Dhoom 2” – The sequel to the successful “Dhoom,” this movie is one of the best Hindi action movies. The story follows the buddy cop template as partners Jai and Ali set out to find an International thief called Mr. A. As with the original, there are twists and turns in this action-packed adventure movie.

  7. “Omkara” – This film, one of the best Hindi action movies, is a retelling of the Shakespeare play Othello. Omi, a political enforcer, leads a gang that protects a local politician. When Omi appoints a dangerous man as his successor, he begins to lose control of his operations and realizes his days may be numbered.

  8. “Sholay” – This 1975 action flick is one of the best Hindi action movies ever made. The movie remains one of the most successful actions hits in Bollywood history as a police officer sets out to avenge the death of his family by recruiting two convicts to help him.

  9. “Kidnap” – When a woman’s daughter is kidnapped, the bad guy tells her that the only person he will deal with is the biological father. The woman sets out to bring the man, who she shut out of her daughter’s life years earlier, back into their lives to save their daughter in one of the best Hindi action movies.

  10. “Tashan” – A woman uses a call center executive to help her steal her boss’ money and then runs away with it, leaving him on the run from the ruthless gangster they robbed. In one of the best Hindi action movies, the executive ends up teaming with the gangster sent to capture him to try to find the girl and the money.