It’s the 10 best fight scenes ever, people. Acts of orchestrated carnage and balletic ball busting beautiful enough to realign your worldview. Sure Hannibal crossed the alps on elephants, but Jackie Chan could kick his ass. Alexander the Great conquered worlds, but Tony Jaa could conquer his face. Kneel at the alter of flying fists and flailing feet. Spoilers, bitches. 

  1. Brothers vs. Villains. Picking the best Jackie Chan fight videos is like picking the best Beatles song. The top ten are better than the competition combined, but you can only chose one. The culminating scene in the little seen “Dragons Forever” pits Jackie and his fictitious brothers against a cavalcade of villains so that three fight are happening simultaneously. Broken glass, flying bodies, crazy flips, and ass whoppage galore, it’s the best fight scene ever.

  2. Kham and the giant Spiral. In order to reclaim his stolen elephant, Kham (Tony Jaa) runs up a giant spiral similar to that in the Guggenheim museum in one extended take. Along the way, he encounters an endless parade of evil henchmen, all of whom he dispatches using pottery, chairs, tables and his furious knees, elbows, and fists. It is brutal, bone crunching, and one of the 10 best fight scenes ever.

  3. The Bride vs. The Crazy 88. The beautiful thing about Tarantino is that he makes art and trash one and the same. The culminating fight in “Kill Bill Vol. 1” pits The Bride against a hoard of yakuza swordsman in one of the bloodiest, funniest, most kinetic and ridiculous fight scenes of all time. There are severed limbs and gore galore.

  4. Ryunosuke Tsukue vs. Everyone. Japanese martial arts masterpiece “Sword of Doom” is a dark, brutal movie filled with howling winds, bitter feuds, and creeping malevolence. The film’s fire-filled finale is one of the 10 best fight scenes ever. Lead character Ryunosuke Tsukue is attacked by (literally) an army of samurai The master swordsman takes them all on as the building he is in burns to the ground and rivers of blood flow forth.

  5. Chen Zhen vs. The Karate Dojo. In “Fist of Legend,” martial arts master Chen Zhen (Jet Li) takes a stand against the Japanese forces subjugating his people in the build up to the Sino-Japanese War by taking on an entire dojo of karate experts in one of the 10 best fight scenes ever.

  6. Daniel-san vs. Johnny Lawrence. Only one thing we really need to say about this one: Crane kick. Daniel-san delivers the blow and the rest is history.

  7. El Santo vs. The Mummies. El Santo is a masked Mexican wrestler widely considered to be the last native hero in a country now overcome with global icons like Batman and Superman. The man fought countless creatures, though his battle against the Mummies is particularly tasty, and one of the 10 best fight scenes ever.

  8. Zombie vs. Shark. “Zombie II” is a masterpiece of sleazy exploitation. Nowhere is this more evident than the scene in which a zombie and a shark duke it out underwater in the presence of a topless woman. To reiterate, shark, zombie, boobs. 

  9. Happy vs. Bob Barker. Happy Gilmore wasn’t having a good day. Bob Barker wasn’t having it. Happy threw down and Bob kicked his ass. “The price is wrong, bitch.” Classic, and one of the 10 best fight scenes ever.

  10. Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader. Darth Vader is one cold blooded guy. Look no further than the scene in which he hacks his own son’s hand off like he’s chopping down a willful sapling in “Empire Strikes Back” for proof of this. One of the 10 best fight scenes ever, Luke and Vader’s battle also has one of the 10 lines ever, “No, Luke I am your father.”