The ten best female movie fights come from several different movie genres. While the majority of movie fights still occur between men, there are some truly epic movie fights of the female persuasion. Sometimes, these ladies ar fighting another man and occasionally, they fight another woman. But either way, it’s a whole lot of fun to watch.

  1. “Kill Bill Vol. 1” Quentin Tarantino sure knows how to set up a female movie fight scene. The protagonist, played by Uma Thurman, endures fight after fight through this movie, but the most memorable is when she battles Gogo and The Crazy 88’s.

  2. “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” This movie revolves around Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, who each have secret identities they’re hiding from each other. Once their secrets are out, an epic movie fight ensues. Who the winner is in this female movie fight is unclear since it ends with the two having sex.

  3. “G.I. Jane” Demi Moore could not be a more determined fighter in this movie. The female movie fight is between Demi, playing a NAVY Seal, and Viggo Mortensen, who is imprisoning her. The fight is bloody to say the least, and Demi definitely comes out on top.

  4. “The War of the Roses” This movie is one long female fight as Kathleen Turner vows revenge on her controlling husband, Michael Douglas, who refuses to leave the house. Some of the female fights in this movie are psychological, while others are downright physical.

  5. “Payback” In this female movie fight, the audience gets to watch Lucy Liu fight and win against a man in a full-on dominatrix outfit. Girl fights don’t get better than that.

  6.  “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” Ziyi Zhang and Michelle Yeoh fight in this movie, Wushu style. The extremely technical choreographed fight is one of the most ruthless of all female movie fights.

  7. “The Matrix” This movie features some futuristic fighting by Carrie-Ann Moss. While covered in nothing but black latex, she prevails over several male agents with some pretty awesome fight moves.

  8. “The Long Kiss Goodnight” Geena really knows how to kick butt in this movie, although she doesn’t remember how. After her character loses her memory, she eventually discovers her awesome fighting skills by accident, and ends up having to fight off enemies she can’t remember, particularly Craig Bierko, who she annihilates.   

  9. “Total Recall” In this female movie fight, the female doesn’t get to win. Arnold Schwarzenegger ultimately beats up Sharon Stone pretty good, but for a while there, she almost seems to have the upper hand.  

  10. “True Romance” Patricia Arquette plays a prostitute whose boyfriend kills her pimp and steals his cocaine stash. When the true owners of the cocaine find the thieves, Patricia is confronted by a lackey played by James Gandolfini, who proceeds to beat her senseless. However, after an enormous amount of blood is shed, this female movie fights ends with Patricia as the victor.