Females fighting seems to be more interesting to males than to other females, and the ten best female fights in movies certain attract more than their fair share of male attention. A movie "cat" fight always draws the media commentators' attention in film reviews. Famous female fights in movies involve verbal spats and not as many also feature down-and-dirty fist fights. The high art of female fighting includes marital arts. 

  1. "Destry Rides Again." Frenchy, played by Marlene Dietrch takes on Lily, aka Mrs. Callahan, played by Una Merkel in this 1939 film classic. Frenchy is the songstress at the Bloody Gulch Saloon and she doesn't suffer any female fools. It's the Wild West and Ms. Dietrch throws a heavy punch, rather than a slap fight. 

  2. "Carmen Jones." Dorothy Dandridge is Carmen in this 1954 film. Ms. Dandridge's character fights with a co-worker when she is reported after arriving late for work. The female fight in this film actually has something to do with the overall plot, unlike some other gratuitous femme battles. 

  3. "Million Dollar Baby." Michelle Rodriguez, played by Hillary Swank, leads a life during the day as a waitress, but after work hours she struggles to become a female boxer. While some films deal with simple spats or brawls, this best female fights in movies shows organized, formal boxing. Clint Eastwood plays opposite Swank as her reluctant boxing coach. Amazing boxing action and fancy footwork and Swank won the Academy Award for her efforts. 

  4. "Foxy Brown." Pam Grier's character in this 1974 is all business. Mix in a women's prison and mud wrestling and this film becomes a camp classic and a standard for the top film on the list of the best female fight movies

  5. "Broadway Melody." If a group cat fight is what you're looking for in a film, this 1929 gives you tame, but a cast of major fighters. Don't look for major blows to be landed in this best female fight in movies. The extent of the action includes a lot of slapping and screeching. 

  6. "Delta Pi." More massive group female fights in this movie released in 1985. This film involves a farcical fight in mud in Las Vegas, but the battle becomes more heated when the team has competition. Poor Ruth Gordon, an outstanding acting talent, plays the house mother for the sorority members out to win the mud fling. 

  7. "Stripes." Mud wrestling by females, even in 1981 when this movie was released, drew popular attention from both the critics and film viewers. Mud wresting is involved as actor Bill Murray's character John totally enjoys the female wrestling action. 

  8. "Kill Bill." Uma Thurman's character is a fighting machine against other women in both volumes of this screen duo released in 2003 and 2004. The plot for this best female fighting movie involves a coma and a missing baby and there is plenty of martial arts fighting with O-Ren Ishii, played by Lucy Liu, Vivica A. Fox who plays the character Vernita Green and Daryl Hannah, who plays Elle Driver. Ms. Thurman, as The Bride, does her share of dusting up with other female characters. 

  9. "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." Michelle Yeoh and Ziyi Zhang outdo each other for the stylized martial arts fighting method. The main plot revolves around a stolen sword and an important artifact. 

  10. "Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill." This strange movie released in 1965 with direction from Russ Meyer has one of the best female fights in movies. Tura Satna, Lori Williams and Haji dust up in this part horror, part farce film. 

-Lee Grayson