When you are in the mood for Hollywood thrills you can share with your kids, consider one of the films on this list of 10 best family action movies. From the adventures of a family of animated superheroes to a 1980's treasure hunting romp directed by Richard Donner, the action movies on this list will satisfy just about any family's tastes.

  1. "The Incredibles." Mr. Incredible, his wife Elastigirl, and their children are former superheroes trying to lead quiet, middle-class lives under assumed identities. Unfortunately, an enemy from Mr. Incredible's past is bent on not allowing that to happen. Viewers young and old will love this witty animated action feature.

  2. "Sky High." Life can be tough for a kid trying to get throug high school while living up to his father's "Big Man on Campus" reputation. When dad happens to be the world's most famous superhero (and the target of many villainous grudges) things can get even worse.  

  3. "Spy Kids." Think "007" for the 12 and under crowd. This fun family action movie from 2001 kicked off the enjoyable "Spy Kids" franchise and remains fun to watch to this day.

  4. "Ben 10: Alien Swarm." Fast-paced and full of great battle scenes, this live-action feature is based on the popular "Ben 10" cartoon series. Featuring high production values and good CGI effects, parents will find this a surprisingly fun movie to watch with their families.

  5. "Clockstoppers." Most people would find the idea of a teenager with the ability to stop time horrifying, but in the hands of director Jonathan Frakes, it makes for a fun family movie. Released in 2002, "Clockstoppers" was not a box office smash, but it remains one of the best family science fiction features in recent memory.

  6. "Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menance." While some viewers  might never forgive "The Phantom Menance" for foisting Jar-Jar Binx upon the world, the release of a new "Star Wars" film is always an event. "Phantom Menance" deserves a spot on any list of the best family action movies.

  7. "Race to Witch Mountain." Don't forget Disney's cheesy 1975 movie, "Escape to Witch Mountain." This update, sporting a slightly different title, stars former pro-wrestler Dwanyne Johnson and offers some great chase scenes with plenty of action..

  8. "Robots." Robin Williams, Amanda Bynes, and Drew Carey are just a few of the celebrities lending their voices to this action-packed Dreamworks  movie. When a scheming robot uses his corporate influence to eradicate spare parts from the marketplace in order to sell expensive upgrades, young robot Rodney Copperbottom helps his fellow robots get the repairs they so desperately need.

  9. "Gremlins." No list of the 10 best family action movies would be complete without Chris Columbus's 1984 classic. This movie remains a great deal of fun for all ages decades after its theatrical release.

  10. "Goonies." Steven Spielberg conceived this tale of a group of neighborhood misfits who find a treasure map and go off in search of the riches they need to keep developers from taking their homes in the name of "progress." One of the best -loved family action movies of the 1980's, this is the perfect movie for today's parents to pass down to their own children on a rainy afternoon..