You'll find yourself on the edge of your seat as you watch the 10 best disaster movie endings.  Whether the films describe fanciful disasters, historical ones, or real-life threats, they'll pull you right in.

  1. “Jaws.”  A great white shark terrorizes -- and eats -- beach-goers on Amity Island.  In one of the best disaster movie endings, thee men resolve to deal with the threat.  They take a fishing boat out on the ocean and blow up the shark by lodging an air tank into the its mouth, then shooting the tank.

  2. Titanic.”  The disaster of the Titanic is tied in with a young couple, Jack and Rose, who have fallen in love on the ship.  After the Titanic sinks, Jack dies, but Rose, empowered by the love they shared, is able to break free of her tyrannical mother and abusive fiancé.

  3. “Tremors.”  In this film, townspeople are menaced by underground monsters.  In one of the best disaster movie endings, Val and Earl, the main characters, destroy the last monster by luring the creature underground until it exits from the face of a cliff and plunges to its death.

  4. “The Birds.”  In this classic film, birds turn on humanity.  After watching this movie, you'll never look at a flock of birds in quite the same way again.  In one of the best disaster movie endings, the birds mass everywhere on the characters' house and in nearby trees, leaving no doubt that they'll attack again.

  5. “Dante's Peak.”  A volcano erupts in the town of Dante's Peak.  Harry Dalton, a vulcanologist, helps Rachel Wando and her children get away.  They seek refuge in an old mine.  Harry's colleagues think he's been killed.  He and the family survive, however, and Harry's crew dig them out of the rubble.

  6. “The Day After.”  This television movie dramatizes the possible consequences of full-scale nuclear war.  Food and water are no longer safe, and people are dying of radiation sickness.  In one of the best disaster movie endings, the emotionally-shattered Dr. Oakes cries into his radio, “Is anybody there?”

  7. Soylent Green.”  This dystopian film portrays New York City in the wake of catastrophic climate change and pollution.  Instead of food, people eat wafers that are processed by a giant corporation.  In one of the best disaster movie endings, the terrible secret of Soylent Green is revealed:  it's made up of human flesh.

  8. “The Terminator.”  In this post-apocalyptic film, machines become intelligent and enslave humanity.  A cyborg is sent back from the future to kill Sarah Connor, mother of the man who will lead people in resisting the machines.  Sarah survives, and the end of the film shows her pregnant and accepting, grimly, “the storm” that is to come.

  9. “Twelve Monkeys.”  A convict, James Cole, travels back in time from a world that's been devastated by a virus.  His mission is to gather information about the virus so scientists in his time can come up with a cure.  In one of the best disaster movie endings, James sees himself at the airport as a little boy but dies trying to stop the man who will spread the virus around the world.

  10. “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”  Two versions of this film exist, one from 1956 and the other from 1978.  Both are excellent, but the earlier one is a classic.  Aliens are quietly replacing townspeople with copies who are incapable of emotion.  In one of the best disaster movie endings, Dr. Binnell, who escapes replacement, gets the news out to the public at large.