Many surprise hit films have contained the right mixture of action and humor; the 10 best comedy action movies weren't all huge hits, but they are all hugely entertaining. From buddy cop movies to chase films to strange and surreal cult favorites, the best comedy action movies have what any good-time film should: laughs, thrills, and excitement. Here they are, the 10 best comedy action movies:

  1. "Beverly Hills Cop" - Eddie Murphy's huge hit may be the archetypal comedy action movie. It's got great action, a fish-out-of-water scenario that results in a lot of humor, and stars a comedian at the height of his power who also happens to be a fine action star. The formula begins here, though it's never been topped.

  2. "Big Trouble in Little China" - John Carpenter's cult martial arts adventure may be the silliest entry on our list of the 10 best comedy action movies. It is also non-stop fun, with Kurt Russell's straight-faced persona a perfect foil for the wackiness surrounding him.

  3. "Midnight Run" - This story of an accountant (Charles Grodin) being taken in by bounty hunter Robert DeNiro is regarded as a foul-mouthed comedy action movie classic. Rightfully so; it's as exciting as it is quotably funny.

  4. "48 Hours" - Eddie Murphy's film breakthrough, opposite Nick Nolte, is the next entry on our list of the 10 best comedy action movies. Its most memorable scene has Murphy taunting a bar full of rednecks with hilarious results.

  5. "Demolition Man" - A sci-fi satire set in a politically correct future that can't handle recently thawed out supercriminal Wesley Snipes, "Demolition Man" features Sylvester Stallone at his most self-aware. He and Snipes go head-to-head in a world where every restaurant is Taco Bell, Arnold has been president, and sex is had without the "unhealthy exchange of bodily fluids." 

  6. "Tremors" - This silly horror thriller about giant worms coming out of the ground stars Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward. It is alternately gross and hilarious, a perfect recipe for one of the best comedy action movies.

  7. "The Hard Way" - Michael J. Fox stars as an actor who, to research an upcoming role, follows around a tough-as-nails cop played by James Woods. Fox is forced into action with results that are incredibly entertaining.

  8. "Stakeout" - Much of the comedy in this entry in our list of best action comedy movies comes from the interplay between stars Emilio Estevez and Richard Dreyfuss. As buddy cops staking out a beautiful woman (and happily sneaking peeks of her getting dressed and undressed) they shine.

  9. "Smokey and the Bandit" - Burt Reynolds owned the seventies, mostly because of this chase movie classic. It is the oldest entry on our list of the ten best action comedy movies but holds up to this day.

  10. "True Lies" - James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger followed up the massive success of "Terminator 2" with this, the final entry on our list of comedy action movies. As a spy who hides his job from his family (they think him just another boring businessman), Arnold turns in one of his more humorous performances, but the real surprise here is Tom Arnold, who shines as Arnold's schlubby partner. The film, like our list, ends with a mighty bang.