The 10 best cheesy action movies are some of the most enjoyable films ever made. These may not be masterpieces in the conventional sense, but they provide plenty of unintentional laughs along with the action and adventure. Many of these movies are independent films, while others are from the major studios.

  1. “Commando” –  This is arguably the best cheesy action movie of all time. It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as a military Special Forces expert trying to save his daughter from blackmailers.

  2. “Revenge of the Ninja” – There are plenty of cheesy action movies about ninjas, but this one is the best. It’s tells the story of a ninja who moves to America from Japan after his wife is murdered.

  3. “American Ninja” – This is from the same director as “Revenge of the Ninja” and it works for many of the same reasons. It deals with an American army recruit with a background as a ninja.

  4. “Shoot ‘Em Up” – This is one of the highest budget cheesy action movies ever made. It’s about a master marksman trying to protect a woman and a child from bad guys.

  5. “Bloodsport”Jean Claude Van Damme was in quite a few cheesy action movies, but Bloodsport is easily the most enjoyable. This movie deals with a martial arts tournament where people fight to the death.

  6. “No Retreat, No Surrender” – This film is a “Karate Kid” rip off, with all kinds of crazy elements. It even has the ghost of Bruce Lee as a major character.

  7. “The Last Dragon” – Very few cheesy action movies have as much self referential humor as this one. It’s about a young martial arts master who gets targeted by a gang of rival martial artists.

  8. “Red Dawn” – This is one of the best cheesy action movies from the 1980’s. It’s about the Russians invading America, and ho high school kids get together to form an armed resistance.

  9. “Cobra” Sylvester Stallone made plenty of great action movies, but this one is extremely cheesy. It’s about a cop chasing a killer, and it includes many cliché elements.

  10. “The Running Man” – This is based on a Stephen King story about a future where capital punishment is carried out in public through a television game show. Arnold Schwarzenegger stars, and the movie is actually very entertaining, even if it is a little cheesy.