Over the yes, cat fights have plagued the fantasies of men everywhere, and these 10 best cat fights in movies are no exception. For some movies, cat fights only make them better. For others, they are the only thing that makes the movie worth watching. From the awesomely violent, to the insanely sexy, this article will provide a list of both.

  1. Demi Moore vs. Cameron Diaz, Lucy Lui, and Drew Barrymore in "Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle". "Full Throttle" ended up being quite a smash hit at the box office, which is no surprise, considering the climactic cat fight between these four extremely sexy women. The final showdown is full of hard bodies flying everywhere, fast cars, explosions, and some serious ass kicking. Hot damn! 

  2. Rachel Weiz vs.Patricia Velasquez in in "The Mummy Returns". "The Mummy Returns" may not be anything special on the spectrum of epic CGI action-adventure flicks, watching Rachel Weiz take on another scary sexy female in a tiny little outfit provides a much needed dose of sex appeal that Brendan Fraser takes away.

  3. Ziyi Zhang vs. Michelle Yeoh in "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon". The choreography of this fight is beautiful, capturing some out-of-this-world martial arts and epic sword fights that every kung-fu movie needs. And all of it is done by some very pretty Asian women, which makes it one of the best cat fights in movies.

  4. Uma Thurman vs. Vivica A. Fox in "Kill Bill, Vol. 1". Uma pays a visit to a retired assassin in her suburban home where they engage in a brutal fight ranging from the living room to the kitchen and back, ultimately ending with Vivica taking a knife to the chest. The house is smashed to pieces, and these chicks are clearly not ones to be messed with, making this one of the best cat fights you will ever see in a movie.

  5. Denise Richards vs. Neve Campbelle in "Wild Things". While the fight between these two hotties only involves some catty slapping and hair pulling, it leads up to a very sexy scene involving a pool and a topless Neve and Denise. This cat fight is one of the best, considering it makes up for the rest of the movie’s mediocrity.

  6. Uma Thurman vs. Gogo Yubari in "Kill Bill, Vol. 1". Yet again, Uma takes on another sexy female in a vicious fight to the death, only this time her enemy is a hot Asian girl wearing a Japanese schoolgirl uniform. Gogo’s character almost wins the fight, but Uma’s defiant ass grabs a broken table leg and owns the feisty little Asian.

  7. Uma Thurman vs. Daryl Hannah in "Kill Bill, Vol. 2". As if this list couldn’t be any more stacked with Kill Bill, the sequel just had to include another well staged cat fight. Eventually Uma wins but not before the two blondes go nuts on each other in a very intense, and very violent, manner. The cat fight was well deserved and awesomely played, making it one of the best.

  8. Beyonce vs. Ali Larter in "Obsessed". In every good cat fight, one thing seems to hold true: don’t ever piss off a black woman in her own house by trying to take her man. Ali Larter learns this the hard way when she breaks into Beyonce’s house and a wild fight takes place, starting in the bedroom and ending in Ali falling through the attic and getting crushed by a chandelier.

  9. Halle Berry vs. Sharon Stone in "Catwoman". The only thing worth watching in this movie is Halle Berry prancing around in her Catwoman suit. So why not watch her prance around while fighting Sharon Stone? This cat fight is one of the best because it is the movies climax, meaning the movie ends soon after.

  10. Aunjanue Ellis vs. Denise Richards in Undercover Brother. This cat fight is one of the best because it makes fun of the sexy cat fight cliché. Clothes start getting ripped away and the men in the scene sit back and relax as the girls eventually end up fighting in a shower… in slow motion. Nice.