Some of the 10 best car scenes in movies happen inside the cars, but don’t always have much to do with the car itself. The best drama scenes, family tension and shooting action end up taking place on four wheels somewhere on a crowded freeway, which only leads to hilarity or great shoot-out scenes.

  1. "Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift" The movie itself didn’t really fit the theme of the other “Furious” installments and ended up being a dud, but its one crowning scene features Bow-Wow and his new American friend heading down an elevator to a garage filled with all the cars one could ask for. When the Grits song “My Life Be Like” kicks in, the movie changes from epic fail to epic win.

  2. "Guess Who" Ashton Kutcher is the white boy addition to an African American family who doesn’t really want him. That tension only increases when Bernie Mac drives him to his hotel room and the only songs on the radio happen to be those featuring interracial love.

  3. "Knight and Day" Tom Cruise shows off yet again as a smitten spy, only this time, he does it with more finesse than in his Ethan Hunt days. He somehow manages to fly off a motorcycle, kick a dead guy out of the front seat and drive full throttle to safety. This one definitely goes down as one of the best car scenes in movies.

  4. "Live Free or Die Hard" Bruce Willis proves he still has what it takes to be a tough-skinned cop with a sense of humor in the fourth "Die Hard" movie. The best scene comes where he escorts a young hacker to the authorities and blasts his classic rock music for all to hear.

  5. "Any Which Way But Loose" Clint Eastwood’s ever-present scowl has no effect on his orangutan buddy who rides shotgun. The orangutan does the job of turn signals, sticking his fingers out the window at every turn and winning viewers’ hearts at the same time.

  6. "Smokey and the Bandit" This whole movie was one of the 10 best car scenes in movies period, but one in particular stands out. When “the bandit” first takes his ride for a jump, it sends rider Sally Field into a fit. Then she gets used to it and begs for more, much to Burt Reynolds’ annoyance and chagrin.

  7. "Cobra" Sylvester Stallone is a cop with his own set of rules. One of the best car scenes is where he drives over a pile of wooden pallets, crushing another car and rolling his own several times.

  8. "Rush Hour" Chris Rock and Jackie Chan make a best car scene history singing War’s “What Is It Good For?” in their own off-key, off-accent way. Of course, the scene gets better when Rock cuffs Chan to the steering wheel and Jackie Chan makes off with the whole steering column.

  9. "The Pacifier" Vin Diesel proves he can drive more than just one type of car when he takes control of the family van and hustles the kids from the garage to school in half the time it takes their mother to do the same.

  10. "Serenity" "Serenity" features a car scene where one tribe is racing from the Weavers. The funniest part is when a girl’s brother asks her if she’s all right and she announces that she swallowed a bug. As if that’s the worst possible thing that could happen.