If you're looking to find the 10 best car crash scenes in all of cinematic history, then look no further than these amazing classic masterpieces. Car crash scenes have always been a favorite action sequence in Hollywood, there have been plenty over the decades but only a handful stand out amongst the rest. A car crash scene doesn't always have to involve cars specifically, it could sometimes involve buses and trucks for instance. Shut your eyes tight and hang on to your seats.

  1. Police Car vs. The Helicopter in "Live Free or Die Hard." In the fourth chapter of the "Die Hard" franchise, Bruce Willis and his sidekick find themselves cornered in a tunnel by an enemy chopper outside. Willis sends the police car speeding out of the tunnel, ramping up a toll booth and launching right into the chopper.

  2. Batman vs. The Joker in "The Dark Knight." In an effort to protect Harvey Dent from danger, Batman races to the rescue in his Bat-Motorcycle and eventually faces off in a game of chicken against The Joker who's driving a big eighteen wheeler. Batman creates a web of entanglement that sends the entire truck toppling over from the back and up.

  3. The Opening Highway Massacre in "Final Destination 2." This car crash scene favorite has ended up on many, many 'best car crash' lists throughout the years, it even won an MTV Movie Award for Best Action Sequence. This is one of the greatest highway pile-up scenes as well as car crash scenes in all of movie history.

  4. Police Van vs. Police Helicopter in "Terminator 2: Judgment Day." The T-800, Sarah Connor, and John Connor attempt to evade the T-1000's police chopper in a police van on a highway but to no avail. The car crash scene results in the T-800 making a last ditch choice by slamming the brakes and allowing the chopper to crash into it, turning the van over.

  5. Stuntman Mike vs. A Car Full of Chicks in "Death Proof." In this second film of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino's "Grindhouse" collection, Kurt Russell plays a deranged movie stuntman who slaughters a car full of chicks in one car crash scene that has to be one of the most gruesomely detailed ever.

  6. Bus vs. Airplane in "Speed." This action-packed 90's flick is centered around a bus that is rigged to explode if it drops below fifty miles per hour. After getting the hostages off the bus, Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock escape the moving time-bomb, allowing it to crash into an empty cargo jet on a runway.

  7. Joe Hallenbeck vs. Milo in "The Last Boy Scout." In this car crash scene, Bruce Willis, Danielle Harris, and Damon Wayans attempt to evade the villainous Milo (Taylor Negron) in a car chase on a steep winding hill. Milo's car ramps up a house and into a swimming pool where it sets ablaze.

  8. Packard vs. The Wraith in "The Wraith." In the finale of this action-packed car racing sci-fi movie, the final car crash scene is the result of a final race between The Wraith and the villainous Packard. The car crash scene occurs when The Wraith allows Packard to collide with him and die instantly on the highway.

  9. RoboCop vs. Cain in "RoboCop 2." After a long and determined chase sequence, RoboCop hijacks a motorcycle and continues pursuit of Cain in his truck. The chase culminates in a game of chicken where RoboCop is sent flying into Cain's windshield, causing Cain's truck to flip over and crash.

  10. Tom Cruise vs. Cameron Diaz in "Vanilla Sky." Tom Cruise's character makes a critical decision by getting into a car with Cameron Diaz's psychotic-obsessive man-stalker. Her uneasiness unfolds, Cruise panics, and the two end up driving off of a high road and into Central Park, crashing into a bridge.