You remember some films solely because they are one of the 10 best car chases in movies ever. Even if the film wasn’t intended as a car chase movie, it still contained a classic scene that stuck in your mind and made you want to watch it over and over again. These 10 movies feature some of the best car chase scenes ever captured on film.

  1. "Casino Royale" This James Bond film actually won an award in the "Guinness Book of World Records" for featuring the most cannon rolls in a car chase – six total – of any car. That’s right. James Bond is toodling along trying to lose his tail when he encounters a tied-up Eva Greene lying in the road. As he veers off to avoid hitting her, the scene is caught on film and the rest is history.

  2. "Fast and Furious" This is the fourth installment in the “Furious” series and is a natural choice to feature one of the best car chases in movies. If you’re not claustrophobic, check out the scene near the end where Vin Diesel leading the chase through a tunnel. You begin to feel his pain as your own throat chokes up with the dust he leaves behind.

  3. "Gone in Sixty Seconds" Several men are on a quest to save a brother’s life by stealing 50 cars in a very short window of time. And naturally, wherever such heists are concerned, there’s always a cop car chase. In this case, it’s in a secured community. When one of the men gets shot, things get ugly in the chase.

  4. "Tango and Cash" Sylvester Stallone is a cop with his own ideas of how to carry out the law. He chases a rather large tank truck in his own tiny exotic car, overtakes them and blocks the road, threatening to shoot through their windshield if they don’t stop. They do, of course, and his actions are vindicated when his backup finds several tons of cocaine in the truck.

  5. "Italian Job" This is one of the best car chase movies anyway, but it also contains one of the best car chases in a movie. As four cohorts plot their revenge against their ousted thief comrade, they must chase anything that has an engine to get back what’s rightly theirs.

  6. "The Transporter" When Jason Statham finds out he’s been hired to carry live human cargo in a plastic bag, he breaks his own rules to keep his package alive. He attracts some unwanted attention in various scenes where he gets chased through the streets of Italy and other cities and shows off his expert handling skills in the meantime.

  7. "Rambo: First Blood" You knew there was going to be trouble when John Rambo got behind the wheel of an army truck and started wreaking havoc all over the roadway. He of course attracts a tail of soldiers and cops who try to stop him, and that’s when the car chases begin.

  8. "The Matrix Reloaded" The second installment in the Matrix series features motorcycles and cars chasing each other on a hectic freeway with Trinity at the helm and the keymaker relieving her of any need to carjack any vehicles. She ends up outwitting the two dreadlocked twins but can’t save the keymaker.

  9. "Rocknrolla" Gerard Butler messes with the wrong real estate mogul and finds himself getting chased by SUV’s with some very nasty Russian dudes at the wheel. They all end up in a bloody hot mess after the chase and resort to getting out and chasing each other on foot with machine pistols.

  10. "Get Smart" When Steve Carell finds out that The Rock is a double agent and in possession of some yellow cake uranium, the car chase begins. The most hilarious part of one of the best car chases in this movie is when Steve drives through a swordfish plaque and nearly impales his boss.