It’s one thing to watch a movie with only one car chase in it; it’s a totally different thing to watch one of 10 best car chase movies designed specifically for at least an hour of car chase entertainment. Car chase movies should have at least two car chase scenes lasting more than a minute long. Each of the following movies certainly qualifies.

  1. “Bullitt” This 1968 Steve McQueen classic is sometimes considered the granddaddy of the best car chase movies ever made. The name itself, of course, refers not only to the name of McQueen’s character but also to the speed of the film. For anyone who loves a car chase movie where cops are involved, this is a keeper.

  2. “The Italian Job” The original installment placed Michael Caine in the headlining role, but it was pretty much a snoozer. Mark Wahlberg and Charlize Theron starred in the faster-paced remake which featured Mini’s, otherwise known as mini coopers.

  3. “The Transporter” Jason Statham is a driver for hire in one of the 10 best car chase movies ever. He has only three rules that he and his clients must follow, and between picking up a human package and getting involved in freeing trade slaves, he manages to break all three by the time the movie is over.

  4. “The Fast and the Furious” Not to be mistaken with its newer sequel, “Fast and Furious,” the original “Furious” film featured everything a guy could possibly want in the best car chase movies: girls, cars, crime and plenty of chase scenes.  Oh, and there’s a storyline hiding in there somewhere, too.

  5. “Too Fast, Too Furious” The first “Furious” sequel nearly landed flat on its tailpipe, considering that Vin Diesel took no part in it. But Tyrese Gibson and Paul Walker managed to pull it off with some help from an undercover agent, played by Eva Mendes. This time, the stakes are higher, both in money and in potential losses.

  6. “Smokey and the Bandit” In a nearly never-ending race between Burt Reynolds and a tub of lard cop, “the bandit” crosses several state lines with the same police officer on his tail, manages to pick up the very woman who was supposed to marry into the cop’s family and mouths off to the officer whenever he pulls him over.

  7. “The Bourne Supremacy” Jason Bourne is back as the world’s favorite spy who wants his life back. This time, he’s not just beating people up to get his way; he’s the subject of a car chase that is filmed so close to the action it’s nearly dizzying to watch. But it’s still one of the 10 best car chase movies ever made.

  8. “Mad Max” Mel Gibson had a thing for playing characters that were a little haywire, and “Mad Max” is no exception. In fact, this film is probably one of the first that most people think of when they make a list of their favorite car chase movies.

  9. “Tomorrow Never Dies” You can always count on Bond, James Bond, to drive a cool Aston Martin or other exotic car at some point in the movie. In this one, he also takes some cars on a fast-paced chase while riding a motorcycle, Oriental sidekick in tow.

  10. “Eagle Eye” Shia LaBoeuf’s character never pictured himself as a car chase driver – unti the Eagle Eye forced him into a vehicle with a woman he never met. Before he knew it, he was leading city officials on the chase of their lives going three times the speed limit on crowded roads.