Looking for the 10 best Bollywood action movies? These 10 movies are considered the best in Bollywood cinema. Be prepared to laugh, be scared, and shed a tear or two; these movies will definitely test all of your emotions.

  1. "Endhiran" Considered one of the craziest Bollywood action movies ever made, "Endhiran" follows scientist Dr. Vasi, who develops a super robot that acts, talks and looks exactly like him,except he has no emotions.  This proves to be a problem for Dr. Vasi, who cannot get his robot approved by scientists. A surprise event suddenly sparks the robot to develop emotions, however; unfortunately, it's for his fiancee, Sana.

  2. "Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi" It was rumored for years that Mark Calaway, better know as The Undertaker, played a minor role in this film, when in fact another wrestler played his role.  Still, this movie is memorable for its for main villain, Maya, who bets on wrestlers as a sort of twisted do fighting game.  Unfortunately, one of the wrestlers dies during one of her bets, spurring an investigation (and an hour long chase) by the cops looking to put her behind bars.

  3. "Mohra" Translating to "Pawn" in English, "Mohra" follows Vishal Agnihotri, who is imprisoned following the murder of the men who raped his sister-in-law.  Unfortunately, the rapists are never imprisoned, and for revenge, they go after his wife, who kills herself to avoid being raped. Vishal vows revenge, but a drug lord decides to use him for his own misdeeds.

  4. "Jigar" Now known as "Heart" to English-speaking audiences, "Jigar" is another wrenching rape and revenge story, following Raj Verma, whose sister is violently raped by a gangster and a wrestler--Raj's friend, Duryodhan. Raj is beaten nearly to death for attempting to stop them. This won't stop Raj for seeking his revenge, however, and he seeks help from a wrestler trainer named Baba.

  5. "Sholay" Known as one of the best action movies in early Bollywood cinema, "Sholay" follows police officer Gabbar Singh, whose family is ruthlessly killed by a criminal. To get his revenge, Gabbar decides to seek the help of two notorious convicts, promising a lucrative award if they take out the person who killed his family.  

  6. "Qayamat: City Under Threat" Following the events of 9/11, "Qayamat: City Under Threat" follows an investigator who is ordered to find and kill three terrorists who are threatening to poison all of India's important water sources. He needs the help of the terrorists' former associate, however, a dangerous criminal that could kill again. What transpires is suspense and fear, fear that could ultimately kill the entire Indian nation.

  7. "Dhoom" Many people call this the "Fast and the Furious" of Bollywood cinema, and they would be correct.  If you love cars--and a lot of flashy stunts--this movie is worth the purchase.  Some consider this even better than the movie it was based on.

  8. "Dus" Siddhant Dheer, who leads the Anti-Terrorist Cell in India, finds out that at unknown terrorist plans to 25,000 people in a terrorist attack on the tenth day of May, and he has to find him. An Indian agent in Canada, Neha, informs him that the terrorist may be in Canada, causing him to frantically fly to Canada in an attempt to stop the attack.

  9. "Musafir" Lucky, a conman who wants to retire, agrees to do one final job; unfortunately, this job proves to be too much, getting him into contact with a dangerous killer, named Billa. While stealing millions of money for Billa, he finds out all of his friends are murdered, spurring a scary turn of events.

  10. "Zameen" This gripping tale follows Colonel Ranvir, who is assigned to take out a terrorist ring following the bombing of the Indian Parliament building by Islamic terrorists.  In the midst of this, the terrorists responsible for the bombing hijack a plane, threatening the safety of India.