The world has been obsessed with Asia fighting movies for decades and it seems necessary to compile a list of the top 10 Asian fighting movies. Now, Asian fighting movies are even broken into subcategories like romance-action. But what if you just want some good old fashioned fighting? Here are the top 10 best Asian fighting movies just for you.

  1. "The Big Boss (aka Fists of Fury)"  This movie, known by several names around the world, was the start of it all for the legendary Bruce Lee. Anyone who calls himself an Asian fighting movies fan needs to put this on his "must see" list.

  2. "Snake in the Eagle's Shadow" This legendary martial arts film is where the amazing Mr. Jackie Chan got his start. In it, he plays the traditional role of an orphaned wimp who is constantly kicked around. That is, until he meets a creepy old beggar that teaches him an outlawed and underground form of martial art.

  3. "Legend of Drunken Master" Yet another Jackie Chan film. After he had made a name for himself in Snake in the "Eagle's Shadow," Jackie went on to star in an even bigger film. It could even be considered the father of his comedic kung fu style.

  4. "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" This movie became an international success almost overnight. The choreography was directed by none other than Yuen Wo Ping, who is known for many martial arts films as well as "The Matrix." You can expect very dramatic fight scenes with this one.

  5. "So Close" This movie probably fits into the category of "best movies you've never heard of" and that is a shame. Not only does this movie have an interesting but not too complex storyline full of technical genius and excellent fighting, most of its cast is made of smoking hot Asian women. That's right, two female assassins and the female cop who's after them. Definitely not a flick to watch with your girlfriend.

  6. "Ong Bak 2" Although its predecessor has some of its own crowning achievements, "Ong Bak 2" simply sets a new level for Asian fighting movies. Amazing effects and killer choreography make this movie a must-see for any martial art fan.

  7. "Seven Samurai" Be prepared for this movie. Pop the popcorn, grab snacks and drinks. Although an epic tale as can only be spun by Kurosawa himself, this movie is more than 3 hours long. But if twisted wars and loads of gratuitous violence is what you want, this is your movie.

  8. "Fearless" Jet Li’s last martial arts movie, or so they say. "Fearless" crafts together one of Asia's finest accounts of a local hero with Jet Li's impossible skills. Frankly, if this is his last martial arts movie, then he sure went out with a bang. This is a magnificent tale of one who has fallen for glory only to reclaim it tenfold for himself and an entire civilization.

  9. "House of Flying Daggers" "House of Flying Daggers" is a work of art as well as one of the best Asian fighting movies ever. The use of dramatic and contrasting colors bring the well-planned action scenes to a new level. Mix in the romance element which is woven in, and you've got one of the greatest movies that men and women can agree on.

  10. "IP Man" This movie is not well known beyond the circle of serious fighting movie fans, but is a fantastic work of art from story to direction to the many fighting scene. Donnie Yen's fight scenes are jaw droppingly amazing, and the characters suck you into the story.