The films in our list of the 10 best action romance movies bring something to the table for every movie lover. There are plenty of gun fights and explosions for action fans, romantic interludes for those who like a love story and a good bit of comedy, as well. If you and your girlfriend are looking for something to pop in the DVD player for a cozy night in, check out one of these films from our list of best action romance movies:

  1. "True Romance" This action romance movie is an unlikely fairy tale about a loner and the hooker who falls in love with him. When he accidentally grabs her boss's suitcase of coke instead of her clothes, it starts a chain reaction that makes their cross country road trip a little more exciting than they bargained for.

  2. "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" Although the notoriety of being the movie where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie started their affair seems to overshadow the story, this is a pretty solid action romance movie. Like "True Lies" below, this film's dilemma hangs on not one, but two spies living together whose cover stories are so boring that the spies even bore themselves.

  3. "True Lies" Jamie Lee Curtis feels that her marriage is stuck in a rut, so she contemplates an affair with a man who tells her he's a secret agent. The kicker? Her husband is actually a spy, but his cover persona is so dull and inconspicuous that he even manages to fool his own wife into thinking he's a boring office drone.

  4. "Grosse Point Blank" What if Lloyd Dobler was a contract killer? John Cusack brings his customary nice guy charm to the role when he plays a hired assassin who takes a little time out to go to his high school reunion.

  5. "Spider-Man 2" Not only does Spidey have to save the world from the son of the Green Goblin, he's still crazy in love with the girl next door. This action romance balances the adventure and love stories perfectly.

  6. "Romancing the Stone" A romance writer with a boring life finds herself in a situation that resembles the plot of one of her stories. This remains one of the best action romance movie has equal parts of both genres.

  7. "The Princess Bride" Fencing fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles... with all of that, who can complain about the kissing in this action romance movie? This is truly a film that is as exciting as it is romantic.

  8. "A Knight's Tale" This movie puts a quirky and surreal twist on the story of a Medieval jouster. You'll enjoy the flirtation as much as you'll enjoy the jousting competition.

  9. "Avatar" If the hero hadn't fallen for the alien, most of the action in this action romance movie would never have occurred. "Avatar" has a sweet, if simplistic, love story inside its spectacular set pieces.

  10. "North by Northwest" Hitchcock's taut thriller about mistaken identity and international intrigue is still exciting to watch all these years after it was made. The duplicitous Eve is as sexy as any modern movie femme fatale.