These 10 best action movies trailers are enough to stimulate your sense of adventure and get you watching the films that they represent. Once you see these action heroes getting in and out of danger you will want to join the journey. Turn on these ten action movies trailers and let the excitement begin.

  1. "Lethal Weapon" This action movie trailer effectively uses hilarious lines that showcase the contrast between Mel Gibson and Danny Glover's characters. Pulsating music and epic action sequences like Mel Gibson pulling a suicide jumper to plunge off a high building help to promise plenty of unpredictable action. It always helps when you end a movie trailer with something hysterical, like this exchange: Glover: "You ever met anybody you didn't kill?; Gibson: "Well, I haven't killed you yet."

  2. "Batman" This epic action movie trailer begins with Batman's wing-shaped plane cruising the night sky - descending into Gotham City. To cap it off, we get Jack Nicholson's famous line: "Wait until they get a load of me." The screen goes black with the leading men's names depicted in gold, followed by that iconic Batman logo bringing the orchestra score to a conclusion - and millions of viewers into theaters.

  3. "Die Hard" The strength of this action movie trailer is its ability to explain the premise of the story, highlight incredible action stunts, and punctuate Bruce Willis' sense of humor. The fast pace of the visuals keeps your adrenaline going. We learn just enough about what the hero, John McClaine, is up against to remain intrigued.

  4. "Terminator 2" An action movie trailer like this has to impress fans of the original and bring those that never saw part one up to speed. It uses the narration to quickly accomplish this. But it also managed to give us several peeks at the ground breaking visual effects that has Arnold Schwarzenegger's enemy transforming into liquid.

  5. "The Dark Knight" The memorable catchphrase "Why so serous?" from the Joker makes its mark, as does his creepy makeup job. We get plenty of destruction to inform us that this won't be a tame version of Batman. The overall gloomy tone of Gotham City casts a dark enough shadow to keep us curious.

  6. "Kill Bill" This action movie trailer is tailor-made with the same quirky humor and insane action that the movie benefits from. This blonde heroine's revenge mission is clearly expressed and so is her martial arts prowess. We are lef knowing exactly how high the odds are stacked up against her.

  7. "Beverly Hills Cop" Eddie Murphy's stardom was the clear core of selling this action comedy. Shot after shot has his fighting and laughing with his one-of-a-kind Eddie Murphy cackle. Fortunately, this action movie trailer doesn't need to rely on giving away the entire story like many trailers make the mistake of doing.

  8. "Letha Weapon 2" This trailer wisely uses the same music as the original, the same contrast of character traits, and the comedic addition of Joe Pesci . Great action and great gags lead to a great movie advertisement. You have to go see this movie after hearing the narrator say: "This time they're not taking any crap" and a toilet lands on a parked car.

  9. "The Expendables" You know you are watching a movie trailer to a must-see action film when you watch the biggest stars of the genre: Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis in a scene together. The list of famous heroes continues as we see Jet Li, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Mickey Rourke, Terry Crews, Dolph Lungren and Jason Statham. By the time it is over -  it looks like money in the bank.

  10. "Rambo: First Blood Part II" With close-up shots of Rambo's muscles, his hunting knife and iconic bullet belt, we know he is preparing for another mission that won't go unwatched. This one-man army leaves enemies in dire straights, as expected. The narrator seals the deal with this quick summary of who Rambo is: "What most people call Hell, he calls home."