The 10 best action movies of 2000 kicked some serious ass. Despite their age, these movies took you away to the land of escapism for the length of their running time. Years later, these films are still relevant.

  1. "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." The best action movie of 2000 was this Asian import impressed audiences all across the board due to its mind-blasting visual effects and amazing fight scene choreography. About a martial artist who is investigating the murder of his master, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" is full of people defying the laws of gravity.

  2. "The Perfect Storm." Based on a true story, this follows the 1991 happening of a little swordfishing boat that was caught in what was called the "storm of the century." George Clooney himself is the star of this vehicle, as the captain of the boat who makes the call to head out in the storm.

  3. "Gladiator." This Ridley Scott action movie from 2000 was a grand feature that netted star Russell Crowe an Oscar for his efforts at portraying the main character. So if you enjoy the sight of Crowe walking around in a toga then watch "Gladiator."

  4. "The Art of War." "The Art of War" was an action movie from 2000 that flew underneath the radar of some people, which is surprising since it stars martial artist/tax cheat Wesley Snipes. The plot follows Snipes' character who is framed for murder. Lots of butt-kicking ensues as he tries to get to the bottom of his frame-up!

  5. "The 6th Day." When Arnold Schwarzenegger was still an "actor," he starred in movies like this, which revolved around his character being cloned and also the target of a murder contract. While Schwarzenegger's "acting skills" in this film confirm why he left acting to go into politics, this movie is still a satisfying action romp.

  6. "Charlie's Angels." This sixth-best action movie of 2000 starred a real ensemble cast that included Bill Murray, Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz, and Drew Barrymore (when she was still hot). It was a re-imagining (read: remake!) of the '70s TV show that showed men everywhere that even high-heeled chicks could kick ass.

  7. "Big Momma's House." "Big Momma's House" is a sort of action-comedy hybrid, this action movie of 2000 starred Martin Lawrence as an FBI guy who stakes out the house of a bank robber's girlfriend.

  8. "Bait." A Jamie Foxx action movie from 2000, "Bait" told the tale of a computer mastermind who plans a robbery of $42 million worth of gold bouillons. The plot thickens when his treasonous partner robs him of the stolen money! No honor among thieves!

  9. "Mission Impossible 2." Despite the fact that it's a sequel, this action movie of 2000 is another Tom Cruise action flick that demands your attention. With a cast that also includes Thandie Newton and Ving Rhames, get ready for yet another movie where the world's future depends on the actions of five-foot-seven Tom Cruise.

  10. "Dungeons and Dragons." If you've ever presumed that movies from board games...don't make good movies, then this action movie of 2000 will convince you otherwise. Starring Jeremy Irons and Marlon Wayans, this film features Irons as a tyrant and the teamwork it takes to crush him.