10 Best Action Movies 2009

Monday, March 14 by Ed Mulero

The ten best action movies 2009 gave many movie audiences the most bang for their buck at the movie theaters. These action movies made the 2009 year a blast for fans who want to see their heroes blast their way to victory. The 2009 year exploded with an assortment of riches in the action genre with different movies that cater to many people's tastes. Action movies for 2009 filled many multiplexes with the promise of guns, bullets, babes and plenty of carnage to whet the appetites of millions who need a good adventure. Here the the ten best action movies of 2009:

  1. "Avatar." James Cameron's action sci fi epic involves a marine who travels to a distant planet to infiltrate an alien race. Things become complicated when he falls in love with a native woman as a war breaks out between their races. 
  2. "Watchmen." Based on the classic graphic novel, the untimely death of a superhero reunites old colleagues to investigate his murder. The gritty action drama unfolds as the world threatens nuclear war between the United States and Russia.
  3. "Sherlock Holmes." Robert Downey Jr. starred in this action adaptation of the world famous detective. He is joined by his trusted cohort Watson to fight against a plot that threatens all of England.
  4. "The Taking of Pelham 123." A subway train is under siege by a madman who negotiates with a burnt out dispatcher. Their paths cross as secrets become revealed while a group of sharpshooters with itchy trigger fingers wait to storm in.
  5. "Inglorious Basterds." Quentin Tarantino directs his pet project about a rag tag bunch of killers who hunt down Nazis without mercy. They travel to France to execute an assassination plot to rub out Adolf Hitler at a film premiere.
  6. "Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen." The adventures of the Autobots and Sam Witwicky continue as a new threat emerges from the past. Decepticons race against our heroes to reactivate an ancient device that threatens Earth's very existence.
  7. "X-men Origins: Wolverine." Marvel action tale traces comic book's famous loner back throughout his life before his adamantium transformation. He must contend with his murderous brother Sabertooth and the villainous Col. William Stryker. 
  8. "Bitch Slap." An ode to "Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!" features busty babes wrapped in plenty of hardcore action. Three hellcats travel to the desert in search of a fortune in diamonds while trying not to get killed (or kill each other) in the process.
  9. "Ninja Assassin." A high octane action martial arts movie, it features breathtaking stunts and battles. A young ninja turns his back on the clan that raised him and now he must defend himself against the very people that raised him.
  10. "Star Trek." J.J. Abrams' reboot of the classic sci fi crew of the Starship Enterprise bursts onto the scene with new life. Kirk and crew face off against a rogue Romulan from the future who seeks out revenge by traveling back in time.
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