The ten best action movies of 1999 are definitely movies to be remembered. Having, a tough time remembering what the action movies of 1999 were? Well, to help jog the memory a bit, here is a list of the ten best action movies of 1999.

  1. “The Matrix.” “The Matrix” Stars Keanu Reeves as Neo. Neo is a computer hacker who suddenly finds out that the world isn’t exactly the reality it appears to be. A group of rebels try and prove to Neo that the world is really a wasteland run by machines and computer programs and the reality of his world is the matrix.

  2. “Fight Club.” “Fight Club” is an action movie from 1999. This movie is about an insomniac and a soap salesman who find somewhere to put the aggression they have suppressed. They are part of the underground fight clubs that are popping up in city after city.

  3. “Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace.” “Episode I” is the long awaited film where we get to meet Anakin Skywalker. The evil Trade Federation is trying to take over the planet Naboo and Jedi's Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi go through plenty of troubles while trying to warn the leaders and meeting Anakin Skywalker.

  4. “The Boondock Saints” “The Boondock Saints” is an action movie from 1999 about two brothe brothers living in Boston. After the accidentally killed two members of the Russian mafia, they find themselves called by god to take out the cities bad guys. They are always one step ahead of the FBI agent who is obsessed with catching them, but also begins to respect them.

  5. “The Mummy.” “The Mummy” stars Rachel Weisz and Brendan Fraser. In  action movie “The Mummy” a well mannered librarian named Evelyn meets Rick O’Connell in  Hamunaptra to participate in an archeological dig. Another group of archeologists and the trio end up waking an ancient mummy and his curse.

  6. “Deep Blue Sea.” “Deep Blue Sea” is an action movie from 1999 about a project to enlarge shark brains gone wrong. The shark brains produce cance fighting enzymes and a team of scientists travel out to sea where the sharks are being kept penned up. But, the sharks have become intelligent and fight back.

  7. “The World is Not Enough.” Now, nothing says action movies like a James Bond movie. “The World is Not Enough,” stars Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. In this movie James Bond is sent to protect the daughter of a murdered oil tycoon and must stop Renard from destroying Europe.

  8. “Double Jeopardy.” “Double Jeopardy” is an action movie from 1999 starring Ashley Judd and Tommy Lee Jones. An innocent woman is charged with the murder of her husband and after spending six years in prison, she wants to know the truth, and find her son.

  9. “Entrapment.” “Entrapment” stars Catherine Zeta-Jones and Sean Connery. This is a good action movie about a woman who convinces her insurance company to let her take up with a very good, but aging thief after the theft of a major piece of art. The two both have an attraction for each other, but both also have secrets.

  10. “Inspector Gadget.” Everyone has to love Inspector Gadget, this guy is chalk full of action in his movie. “Inspector Gadget” stars Matthew Broderick in a movie about a man who was in an accident so the doctor he goes to fixes him up with robotic parts. Gadget gets to live again and see his daughter, but he must also defeat the evil villain, Claw.