Here is a list of the 10 best action movies 1990. If you are looking for interesting action films, some of them already considered classics of their genre, then you will want to see these films which deserve to be on a "ten best list". Lots of "tough guy" movies were made in 1990. This was a good year for movies about the mob, another Rocky flick, and movies about covert government operations.

  1. "Dances with Wolves". Nominated for seven Academy Awards including Best Picture, this film stars Kevin Costner who also directed it. A western that takes place during the Civil War, it concerns an army lieutenant  hero, (Costner) who requests an Army post out West. There he encounters Sioux Indians and wolves, who initially give him a run for his money. With time, he comes to adapt to the Indian and Western lifestyle.

  2. "Total Recall". Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in this flick as an ordinary guy who has had false memories of a trip to Mars implanted in his brain. He uses his energies to fight corruption on earth. One of the films that gave Schwarzenegger his tough-guy reputation.

  3. "The Russia House". Based on the John LeCarre novel by the same name, this spy thriller which stars Sean Connery in the leading role, provides plenty of action for the film viewer. Connery plays a British publisher who finds himself suddenly working for a British intelligence agency with the job of investigating Russian spies. Michele Pfeifer and Roy Scheider also star in this entertaining picture.

  4. "Presumed Innocent". Based on the best-selling novel by Scott Turow, this movie involves a prosecutor (Harrison Ford) who is implicated in the rape and murder of his female colleague. Lots of action, especially psychological.

  5. "Goodfellas".  Gangster movie about the mob lifestyle. Drugs, violence and bad language feature in this movie which was directed by Martin Scorsese and stars Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci and Paul Sorvino. Big box-office success and lots of gangster action.

  6. "Godfather Part III." Al Pacino reprises his role as mob boss Michael Corleone. Now he is an aging gangster who encounters corruption in European business and even at the Vatican. He has family troubles, too, with his daughter played by Sofia Coppola.

  7. "Young Guns II". Sequel to the 1988 film, stars Emilio Estevez and Kiefer Sutherland. Old man, in flashbacks claims to be Billy the Kid. The action unfolds as the man recalls his days as the famous outlaw of the Wild West.

  8. "Days of Thunder." Stock car driver (Tom Cruise) competes in the big NASCAR race. He encounters some dastardly competition in his quest for the top spot. Robert Duvall gives a memorable performance as his top mechanic.  Nicole Kidman stars as Cruise's love interest.

  9. "Delta Force 2, The Colombian Connection."  In this sequel to the 1986 original, Chuck Norris leads a sky-diving commando operation to free a fellow DEA agent being held captive by an evil South American drug lord. Lots of film action as the DEA team exacts its revenge.

  10. "Rocky V".  In this "Rocky" movie, Sylvester Stallone reprises his role as Rocky Balboa, the boxing-ring champion. Now a mentally and physically beaten-down former champion, he must reluctantly reenter the ring when his fortune is stolen by an unscrupulous accountant who loses Rocky's money in the stock market. The film portrays Rocky as a guy for whom his family comes first. You can't help but cheer him on as he tries to rebuild his life for himself and his family.