Action movies are held very high in America, giving us famous villains and heroes, and most of all, these 10 best action movie theme songs. From the classic to down right badass sounding, these highly popular theme songs will no doubt leave you wishing you had one of your own.

"Clubbed to Death" by Rob Dougan. 

This song is showcased in "The Matrix" and sounds downright awesome. The drum beat is energetic, and combined with symphony music and a light touch of techno. It is quite epic and a lot of composition was put into it, making it one of the best action movie theme songs.

"James Bond: 007" theme by John Barry. 

One of the coolest action movies around has to have a catchy, jazzy and smooth sounding theme song, otherwise James Bond just wouldn't be as cool of a hero. This tune is recognized anywhere, which means it is one damn good action movie theme song.

"Mission Impossible" theme by Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen. 

Yet another cool secret agent action movie requires a badass theme to set it apart. This theme delivers one of the best, with strong beats and melodic electronic keyboard sounds. Admit it, you've had this song playing in your head while you were sneaking around, at least once in your life.

"Star Wars" theme by John Williams.

Millions of nerds can't be wrong; this theme song is epic, inspiring, and definitely the best.

"Men In Black" by Will Smith.


Who said an action movie couldn't have a hip hop theme? Will Smith delivers a great funky beat, making it a memorable theme song.

"Pirates of the Caribbean" theme by Hans Zimmer

Bloody pirates! This theme is dripping with the sounds of action and adventure on the high seas. Many school marching bands have covered the song because it is so popular and great sounding.

"The Lord of the Rings" theme by Howard Shore.

As the epitome of long and epic journeys, LOTR deserves the best music a modern day composer can give it. Howard Shore definitely composed one of the best and most beautiful songs for the movie's theme.

"The Dark Knight" theme by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard. 

This fast paced tune will get your heart racing. The beat is powerful and almost makes it seem like you are headed into battle, rendering it one of the best action movie theme songs around.

"Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor.

This song is best recognized from the movie boxing action movie, "Rocky" and is composed of almost metal, almost funk, almost disco, sort of 80's sounding epic-ness.

"Chariots of Fire" by Vangelis. 

This is the theme that makes you want to run in slow motion. There really is no better tune out there for a theme song.

- Briana Bales