Choosing the 10 best action movie scenes was not an easy task. There are plenty of great memorable action movies that will always be loved. Here is the list of action movie scenes:

  1. “300”, is a great action movie with one scene that made it to the list. As the Spartans wer fighting the Persians, King Leonidas, played by Gerard Butler, threw a spear at the Persians God-King Exeres played by Rodrigo Santoro. This scene great because King Leonidas was able to strike the Persian God-King who was a great distance away from where he stood.

  2. “Kill Bill”, is a great revenge action film. The best scene in this movie is when Copperhead, played by Vivica A. Fox, who is now retired and Black Mamba, played by Uma Thurman, are fighting in Fox’s house. The fight escalates into the kitchen, Uma throws a knife at Vivica, leaving her body to be sprawled on the floor. The fight scene was captivating because you felt the victory for Thurman.

  3. “The Bourne Identity", Jason Bourne, played by Matt Damon, is a trained killer, the problem is that Damon now has amnesia and is trying to figure out his identity. The best action scene in this movie is when Damon is in the kitchen fighting the one man who could tell him his identity. In the end, Damon kills the man by blowing up the house.

  4. “The Transporter”, this movie is all action from the time Frank, played by Jason Statham, delivers a package. After delivering the package, Statham takes the package back and a car chase ensues. Statham’s driving is phenomenal because he is able to drive his car on its side between two tractor-trailers to get away from the people who are chasing him.

  5. “Titanic”, this movie is known by many as romantic, but it has a great action scene. There are not enough lifeboats onboard the sinking vessel. The crew decides that the richest people onboard should go first. The action comes from the chaos of people jumping overboard into the arctic water as the people in the lifeboats were oblivious.

  6. “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”, is an action packed movie that will have you cheering for this duo. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie get married unknowing the other’s occupation. As the two of them are in their house tumbling down stairs and busting through walls to kill each other because of their assignment, they realize that they must work as a team in order to survive.

  7. Rocky”, played by Sylvester Stallone, dreams of fighting the heavy weight champion Apollo Creed played by Carl Weathers. He gets his chance to fight the heavy weight champion thanks to his nickname Italian Stallion. The best action scene in the movie is their fight. Rocky and Creed battle it out with both still standing in the fifteenth round. A split decision giving Apollo the victory, but Rocky becomes the legend.

  8. “Bad Boys”, Mike Lowrey played by Will Smith and Marcus Burnett played by Martin Lawrence are Miami Detectives investigating a stolen heroin case. The best scene in the movie is when the detectives are chasing the people who stole the heroin from their Police vault. The scene where one of the criminals is standing on the running board of the vehicle and shooting at the detectives is hilarious as they race through the city of Miami.

  9. “Die Hard”, in this film John McClane played by Bruce Willis is a New York cop at a Christmas Party where the guests are held hostage by terrorists. John goes to investigate and finds himself having to fight his way to the man in charge of this whole scheme. The best action in this film is when John is swinging from one floor of the building to the floor below using a fire hose and shooting at the window just before he crashes through the window.

  10. “The Usual Suspects”, a massacre occurred on a ship with two survivors. The dying survivor names the killer and the other, Kevin Spacey, refuses to reveal anything to the cops. The best scene is on the ship when the killer is shooting everyone and blows the ship up using a cigarette.