Looking for the 10 best action movie posters ever? The action movie genre has gone through many different inceptions since it really became popular in the late 60's and 70's. It has generated some of the highest grossing films of all time and much of this is due to bona fide action stars like Stallone and Schwarzenegger, the incredible stunts and the high-budget explosions. However, the movie posters used to promote these action films also served to draw people into the theaters. A few of these posters even hold up over time, unlike most of the films they advertise, as more than just an ad for an action movie, but as their own piece of artistic design.

  1. "The Wild Bunch": One of the best action Westerns of all time, "The Wild Bunch" has an artistically awesome poster with the silhouettes of all of the film's fighters holding guns and walking away from us, heading into at unknown battle. It is a classic film with a classic poster.

  2. "The Poseidon Adventure": A relatively preachy and cheesy film spawned an amazing, painted action poster like a frozen, unseen frame from the film. The movie is about a boat that turns upside down and the passengers who must fight their way to the surface (or bottom of the boat).

  3. "Apocalypse Now": The ominous, beautiful single frame of a sunset over Vietnam with mosquitos of U.S. helicopters flying past in the distance is one of the most iconic action/war movie posters in cinema history.

  4. "Jaws": Terrifying, awesome and undeniably attractive, a pretty (and well-disguised but naked) woman swims along the surface of the water with the ferocious jaws of a shark coming up from below to decimate her. The action film poster for "Jaws" may sum up the fear and the feeling which is constant throughout this classic film better than just about any other.

  5. "Raiders of the Lost Ark": Cracked and brown like the relic Indiana Jones hunts down, this action film poster instantly looks older than the wall you are seeing it on.

  6. "Bladerunner": Somewhere between comic book and science fiction novel cover, the poster for this science fiction classic reflects the dark, noir-like tone of the film.

  7. "Terminator": Schwarzenegger plays a machine assassin disguised as man, and he is all that is needed on the action poster for the film. Well him, some cool shades and a really big gun.

  8. "Full Metal Jacket": Simple yet awesomely designed, all that is on the "Full Metal Jacket" action film poster is a helmet with bullets, a peace button and a handwritten scrawl which reads "Born to Kill." Not only is it a classic Kubrick film, it sums up the hypocrisy of war.

  9. "Die Hard": Arguably the greatest action film ever made, the action film poster for "Die Hard" harks back to the classic "Towering Inferno" poster and the more modern poster which features half of the star's face.

  10. "Independence Day": Even though this action film is nearly unwatchable on subsequent viewings, those first images of the alien ships destroying major metropolitan cities were as breathtaking as anything ever created on film. The action poster reflects the exact moment of alien attack in a picturesque yet horrifying single image.