The 10 best action movie heroes all have great qualities that help audiences identify with them. These characters are often somewhat reluctant in their heroic duties, and they may have amazing abilities, but they’re also very flawed. All of these heroes have multiple films where they’re the focus, and a few have been played by more than one actor.

  1. James Bond – Out of all the best action movie heroes, bond has probably been in the most movies. He’s a super spy with access to amazing gadgets, and a license to kill.

  2. Indiana Jones – It’s hard to find any action movie heroes with more charisma that Indiana Jones. He’s an archeologist who goes in search of magical artifacts.

  3. Martin Riggs – This is the character that Mel Gibson played in the "Lethal Weapon" movies. He’s a Vietnam veteran with a dark past and a lot of talent.

  4. John McClane – The "Die Hard" movies dealt with this character played by Bruce Willis. He’s a New York city cop who never gives up no matter what.

  5. The Bride – This is Uma Thurman’s character from the "Kill Bill" movies. She is relentless in her pursuit of revenge against those who wronged her.

  6. Jason Bourne – He’s a super spy with a past that he doesn’t remember that well. The character is extremely clever and nearl unstoppable.

  7. Batman – Out of all the comic book action movie heroes, Batman is probably the most identifiable for many people. He has no super powers, so he has to rely on his own brains and high tech gadgets.

  8. Mad Max – This Mel Gibson character helped make the Post Apocalyptic genre a big deal. He’s tougher than most action movie heroes, and he has a knack for dealing with road bandits.

  9. Conan The Barbarian – Very few action movie heroes can match Conan when it comes to sheer toughness. Arnold Schwarzenegger personified this character amazingly well, and it helped make him a star.

  10. John Rambo – This is another action movie hero with a background as a Vietnam veteran. Rambo has all the skills of a dangerous super soldier and he often finds himself forced to use them.