Of all the cool people in the film industry nowadays, the 10 best action movie characters are all bona fide BAMFs (as Dane Cook would say). Action movie characters have a way of bringing a production to life, establishing a link between our world and the fiction of the film. The best action movie characters do more than that, however, and give life to that special connection between audience and protagonist. Come see our list of action movie characters, then decide who you think would make your personal top ten.

  1. John J. Rambo from the "Rambo" series. Did anyone really think we could construct a list of the ten best action movie characters without including him? Stallone's excellent rendition of an American hero short on patience? Drafted at the age of seventeen into the Vietnam war, Rambo is a man with a taste of war, and a vengeance to match it.

  2. James Bond from the "Bond" series. Played by Sean Connery, Daniel Craig, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, George Lazenby, and Roger Moore, James Bond is one of the most prolific action movie characters. His consistent success at the box office prove his good looks and taste for danger are golden with audiences around the world.

  3. Indiana Jones from the "Indiana Jones" franchise. From "Raiders of the Lost Ark" to "The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull", Jones appeals to moviegoers everywhere. His long career in the form of various movies, television shows, novels, and games gave him a spot on the list of best action movie characters.

  4. T-800 from the "Terminator" series. Arnold knows how to appeal to fans, and his bulging biceps can tear their way to our hearts any day. Even though he can't always rip apart higher grade Terminators, he still can prove to be a daunting ally on the battlefield.

  5. Morpheus from "The Matrix." If there is one thing Laurence Fishburne knows, it's everything. Being the captain of the Nebuchadnezzar, Morpheus is one of the pinnacle leaders of the human resistance within the Matrix world.

  6. John McClane from the "Die Hard" series. Bruce Willis gives us that iconic look of the classic American "bad ass" in film. McClane always manages to survive the most bizarre events, and still he has lived through numerous sequels.

  7. Jackie Chan from "Rumble in the Bronx". In the various spin-offs, sequels, and side-gigs he's done to promote his influence in Western film, Jackie Chan has shown us how cool he is. By far, he is the most recognized of action movie characters within the martial arts genre.

  8. Nico from "Above the Law". Steven Seagal first made his on-screen premiere with this 1988 action flick. Among all of the action movie characters out there, we'd be foolish to forget Seagal's priceless impersonation of a Chicago cop in search of a drug ring leader.

  9. Han Solo from the original "Star Wars" trilogy. While many won't consider "Star Wars" a part of action flick, Han Solo's blaster would beg to differ. A loner, Han connected with the average guy who just wanted to do his thing. He helped boost the series far into and above the mainstream.

  10. Lara Croft from "Tomb Raider." For far too long, women have been completely underrepresented among action movie characters (and heroes). Lara Croft was a tough girl who could deliver a punch with rocking power and accuracy. She made her debut in a video game and ended up in the soul of future action flicks to come.

There are a lot of action movie characters out there, but only the premiere get to the top. The best action movie characters are men and women who give the film life, something that almost any box office hit needs.