The 10 best 90’s adventure movies will make you remember when everything used to be so cool. From action packed adventures to hilarious events, there’s no beating the '90s. Here are the best '90s adventure movies.

  1. "Jurassic Park" - This was the ultimate adventure movie, adapted from Michael Crichton’s novel. The miracle of science can create wonders. In this case, they’re from the prehistoric age and are being used as the center of attraction in a theme part. What seems like a good idea the time turns deadly for the staff and visitors of the park.

  2. "Home Alone" - Tis’ the season to be naughty. This is the best '90s adventure movie made for the holidays. When the McCallisters plan a family vacation the one thing they forget to bring is their son! Left alone, Kevin haves the time of his life, until some unexpected holiday robbers show up.

  3. "Free Willy" - This movie will warm pet owner’s hearts. Jesse is forced to do community service at an aquarium where he gets attached to the local whale. Unfortunately due to the Whale’s behavior problems they are going to kill him. It’s up to the Jesse to get Willy back to the ocean.

  4. "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" - Lurking beneath the city in sewers lives 4 mutated turtles. They ar taken under the wing by a ninj fighting rat named Splinter. He trains them so they can take down an evil menace named Shedder, who wants to take over the world.

  5. "Toy Story" - An adventure movie about the epic adventures of toys who deal with a modern newcomer. Woody is jealous of Space Cadet toy Buzz Lightyear. In a quick attempt to become Andy’s favorite toy again he gets rid of Buzz. Andy’s about to move and it’s up to Woody to rescue Buzz from the sociopath neighborhood kid.

  6. "Speed" - Hate taking public transportation? When a terrorist places a bomb on a local bus it’s up to the driver to keep the bus above 50mph. The LAPD step into try and disarm the device and save the civilians at the same time.

  7. "The Mummy" - Rick O’Connell is rescued by a librarian. In return he takes her to the Ancient City of Hamunaptra. When they get there they find others have already covered their territory, except they accidentally remove the curse on Imhotep. It is up to Rick and his crew to put Imhotep back where he belongs.

  8. "Dogma" - A hilarious '90s adventure movie about a clinic worker whose been given the job to stop angels Loki and Bartleby from entering heaven. With the help of prophets Jay and Silent boy and the thirteenth Apostle Rufus, they must do all they can to keep the two angels from entering heaven.

  9. "Total Recall" - One man’s nightmare is another’s adventure movie. Douglas seeks out more information about his weird recurring dreams by having a memory device implanted into his head. What’s the worse that can happen? Apparently he has repressed memories and is really a secret agent.

  10. "Mighty Morphing Power Rangers: The Movie" - In this '90s adventure movie, a nasty creature named Ivan Ooze is unleashed upon the city of Angel Grove. He sets out to destroy Zordon in turn causing the Power Rangers to lose their powers. They go on a journey to get they powers back in order to defeat Ivan Ooze from taking over the world.