The 10 best 90's adventure films range from being about alien invasions to ships sinking. All the films are stand out movies that garnished popularity for their action-filled stunts, which kept audiences on the edge of their seats. Action movies comes in many forms, and the best 90's adventure films are chalked full of non-stop thrills.

  1. "Jurassic Park" This 90's adventure films is about man-made dinosaurs on the loose. A new theme park is created so visitors can get up close to cloned dinosaurs. A special group gets flown out to experience the park before anyone, and while there the dinosaurs escape and go after the humans.

  2. "Titanic" The 1997 fictional story is about a girl and boy from different walks of life meeting and falling in love while aboard the Titanic. Rose is a rich girl, and Jack is a lower class artist, but a chance meeting sparks an instant connection. The film brings out emotion when the Titanic starts sinking and panic ensues. 

  3. "Con Air" Prisoners take over a prison plane that is transporting criminals. A mild mannered ex-con who was just released from prison is taking the flight home, and he tries to aid the cops in taking control of the plane. The 90's adventure film is not only action packed, but also incredibly witty and funny.

  4. "The Fugitive" One of the best 90's adventure films is about a man wrongly accused of killing his wife. After being accused and convicted of murder, he escapes from police custody while in transit from court to prison. He goes on the run to find the real killer, while Marshal Same Gerard relentlessly tries to track him down.

  5. "Godzilla" A freighter gets attacked by an unidentified monster, and a team gets called in to investigate. Realizing it is the oversized lizard Godzilla, they try and capture it before it wrecks havoc on New York. The adventure film was released in 1998 and is one of the best movies about Godzilla.

  6. "Twister" The 90's adventure film is about two tornado chasing scientists. The soon to be divorced couple desperately try to get a revolutionary measuring device into the tornado for research purposes. The special effects are great, and there is never a dull moment in the 1996 adventure film.

  7. "The Rock" The 1996 adventure film is about an ex-Marine taking control of the Alcatraz prison. He takes control of the island and threatens the release of a deadly chemical if his demands are not met. The police turn to a chemical-weapons expert and the only man to eve break out of Alcatraz for help to control the situation.

  8. "The Game" The twists and turns in "The Game" makes it one of the best 90's adventure films. The 1997 movie is about a mild mannered banker receiving a strange gift from his brother. The gift is to play a game that consists of life-threatening dangers which takes over his life. The audience and Nicholas have a hard time figuring out what is real life and what the game is.

  9. "Independence Day" The blockbuster 90's adventure film is about aliens trying to take over the world. Will Smith stars as an over confident pilot who becomes the key to taking on the aliens. The action film has no shortage of adventures and spectacular special effects.

  10. "Braveheart" The 90's adventure film revolves around Scottish warrior William Wallace leading a revolt against English rule. The action packed uproar was brought on by William' thirst for revenge after his wife was murdered. The final battle show down is thrilling, and brutal to watch. The 1995 adventure film won Best Picture at the Oscars.