The 10 best 90's action movies are all pretty high-octane stories with plenty of gunfire, explosions, car chases, plane crashes and crazy stunts to go around. All the great 90s action stars are here, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Will Smith and Harrison Ford. Depending on whether you want a little science fiction, suicide mission or cop with a gun story, you can have your pick from these 10 best 90s action movies.

  1. "Die Hard 2." Detective John McClane (Bruce Willis) has another bad travel day when terrorists take control of Dulles Airport and it's up to our lone hero to save the day. It doesn't have the same "first time" appeal of the original "Die Hard," but it's just as much fun.

  2. "Braveheart." No 90's action movie included as much adventure and drama and spectacle as this 1996 Best Picture and Best Director (Mel Gibson) winner that beat out another excellent movie and director, Ron Howard's "Apollo 13."

  3. "The Rock." In one of Sean Connery's last action roles, he plays an aging felon and the only living person to break out of Alcatraz. He's recruited, along with a chemical weapons expert (Nicholas Cage) to break back into Alcatraz to stop a band of terrorists from launching missiles into nearby San Francisco. Mindless entertainment, but great action and a nice cap to Connery's long career playing men on a mission.

  4. "Independence Day." Will Smith became an action hero in the 1996 blockbuster about a handful of humans who repel an alien invasion. It's silly and full of explosions and big stunts. A perfect 90's action movie.

  5. "Terminator 2." Arnold Schwarzenegger is back as a Terminator, only a good guy this time in what was probably the best sci-fi action movies of the 90's or ever.

  6. "True Lies." Arnold, playing a human this time, still kicks a lot of ass as a special agent on the trail of terrorists. He brings along a very funny Tom Arnold and still-sexy Jamie Lee Curtis for the ride. The movie's loud, funny and the final action sequence is amazing to behold.

  7. "Air Force One." Harrison Ford is a president aboard Air Force One, when the plane is hijacked and it's up to him to save the day. The suspense builds as the leader of the bad guys (Gary Oldman, outstanding as always) gets more desperate and the confines of the plane begin to take their toll on everyone.

  8. "The Fugitive." Ford is back, this time as Dr. Richard Kimble in the big-budget remake of the original TV show of the same name. He's great, but it's Tommy Lee Jones as a world-weary U.S. Marshall who steals the show. Jones nabbed a Best Supporting Actor Oscar, surprising some by beating out Ralph Fiennes in "Schindler's List."

  9. "Desperado." Antonio Banderas and the sizzling Salma Hayek star in a sequel to director Robert Rodriguez's low-budget indie classic, "El Mariachi." This underrated 90's action movie has stylized gunfights, revenge and Hayek at her sexiest. Even if you missed "El Mariachi," you can still follow the good guy vs. army of bad guys storyline.

  10. "Con Air." Nicholas Cage stars in another mindless 90s action flick, this time as a prisoner aboard a plane full of convicts. Cage plays a war hero heading home on parole after an unfortunate manslaughte conviction in a self-dense killing years before. He must keep the trust of the convicts who take over the plane, while also assisting the cops trying keep these killers and violent thugs from escaping.