The list of the 10 awesome action movies of the '90s includes great films and actors that kept you entertained with chases, fights and other general mayhem. By the '90s the action movie had evolved somewhat from the corniness of the '80s (movies like "Beverly Hills Cop") and made serious advancements in special effects. Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars are on this list, from Gibson to Ford to Schwarzenegger.

  1. “Saving Private Ryan” This fantastic film set at the D-Day invasion of Normandy took war movie realism to a whole new level, becoming one of the most awesome action movies of the '90s. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the movie stars Tom Hanks leading a group of men as they storm the beaches and head inland. Gripping and powerful, this movie became an instant classic.

  2. “Braveheart” Mel Gibson starred and directed in this piece of historical fiction. Playing William Wallace, the Scottish freedom fighter, Gibson leads enormous battle scenes and great fight sequences. The movie took home an impressive Oscar haul.

  3. “The Matrix” This movie bent the rules of what to expect from science-fiction. A unique concept for a plot—we’re all not really experiencing the world around us, but just part of a computer program—combined with cutting-edge special effects made this movie extremely popular.

  4. “The Fugitive” One of Hollywood’s leading men was in this flick. Harrison Ford plays a man wrongly accused of murder and he leads Federal Marshall Tommy Lee Jones on a race across the country as he tries to prove his innocence while evading the law.

  5. “Die Hard With a Vengeance” Bruce Willis starred in the third movie in this venerable franchise, making it one of the ten awesome action movies of the '90s by teaming up with Samuel L. Jackson. The great and creepy Jeremy Irons plays the crafty bad guy in this one, leaving riddles for the duo to unravel.

  6. “Terminator 2: Judgment Day" Schwarzenegger is back in this movie, only instead of being a cyborg hell-bent on murder, he’s back as the protector of Sarah and John Connor. The new bad-ass is a robot made of liquid metal that is hard to destroy and can take the shape of what it touches. The special effects in this movie were pretty incredible at the time.

  7. ”True Lies” Schwarzenegger starred in this action flick, playing a “normal” guy who is actually a spy. When his wife finds out his secret, doing his job becomes a lot harder. This movie is chock full of guns, explosions, sexy ladies and other good guy stuff.

  8. “Letha Weapon 3” Mel Gibson and Danny Glover add Joe Pesci to the mix in this third installment of the franchise. Always about to retire, Glover’s character is especially shaken in this movie when he kills a friend of his son’s in a shootout. In the end, they find out the bad guy was a rogue ex-cop who they track down and bring to justice.

  9. “Jurassic Park” The mother of all dinosaur flicks, Spielberg directed this movie that was renowned at the time—even today—for an incredibly life-like depiction of the ancient beasts. The setting is a theme park of dinosaurs where things get a bit out of control.

  10. “Face/Off” This film had a very bizarre plot, helping to make it one of the ten awesome action movies of the '90s. Nicolas Cage and John Travolta play bad and good guy respectively, but through a bizarre sequence—that you just have to see—they end up trading faces in an effort to achieve their ends. Each actor thus ends up playing the other … playing himself! Lots of shooting and excitement in this one.