Why Adapting “The Last of Us” Into a Movie Is a Bad Idea
The 10 Most Badass Survival Films Ever
The 7 Greatest Films That Took Place Entirely on Trains

Action Movies

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Study Hall Win
Anime Recommendations Any Nerd Should Heed
InuYasha Movies: A Feudal Fairy Tale


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Awesome Anime Fight Scenes
Top 5 Anime Movies 2008
Top 10 Adult Anime Movies


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The Film Cult Presents: The Witches
Your Very Own Bean Avatar!
10 Best English Romance Movies: Making Love Across the Pond

British Movies

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Films About Women During The Cultural Revolution Of China
10 Best Chinese Romance Movies
10 Best Chinese Movies Of All Time

Chinese Movies

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The Screen Junkies Q&A: Dan Beers, Director of ‘Premature’
The Film Cult Presents: Death Becomes Her
What Happens In Vegas Soundtrack: Songs To Get Married To


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The Film Cult Presents: Cookie’s Fortune
The Film Cult Presents: Toys
The Film Cult Presents: Elizabethtown

Cult Films

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The Film Cult Presents: Indie Game: The Movie
The Film Cult Presents: Crumb
2012 SJ Movie Awards: Best Documentaries


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The Film Cult Presents: Elizabethtown
The Film Cult Presents: Hanna
‘A Walk To Remember’ Quotes


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Madea Movies
Funny Disney Movie Quotes that will Surely Make you Laugh
Harry Potter Pick Up Lines That Will Work On Every Witch

Family Movies

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Nigerian Movies: Bringing the Joy of Cinema to Africa
Haitian Movies That Show The Best Of The Nation
Punjabi Movies: Hindi Films from India and Pakistan

Foreign Films

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10 Best Romance French Movies For Foreign Love
10 Best French Movie Quotes: Sassy and Evil at the Same Time
10 Best Retro French Movies

French Movies

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5 Best Frank Lucas Movies
Scarface Quotes
Best Gangster Movies Of All Time

Gangster Movies

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The Film Cult Presents: Shaun of the Dead
The Film Cult Presents: Battle Royale
The Film Cult Presents: The Wicker Man

Horror Films

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Indie Movies That Scare Dudes – WP
2012 SJ Movie Awards: Best Special Effects Houses
2012 SJ Movie Awards: Best Production Houses

Independent Films

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5 Best Comedy Scenes From Hindi Movies
The Oldest Form of Indian Cinema: Marathi Movies
Mana Telugu Movies: True Love, True Talent, and True Betrayal

Indian Movies

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10 Best Italian Movie Sex Scenes We Know You’ll Like to Watch
Italian Movies With Lyrics Subtitles
Beautiful Women in Film: 5 Best Italian Lesbian Movies

Italian Movies

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The Film Cult Presents: Battle Royale
Japanese Movie Sex Scenes
Japanese Suspense Movies

Japanese Movies

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Feel The Film Emotion With These Korean Movie Songs
10 Best Korean Movies With English Subtitles
Sexy Korean Movies

Korean Movies

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Latin Quotes From Movies About Love And Hate
Scary Latino Religion Movies
Latin American Movies

Latin Movies

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10 Best 80′s Martial Arts Movies
10 Best Old Karate Movies
Top 10 Bruce Lee Movies

Martial Arts Movies

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Old Mexican Movies In Black And White
Mexican History Movies In English
Mexican Mafia Movies

Mexican Movies

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Conan O’Brien Is Headed For the Big Screen (Sort Of) In Syfy’s ‘Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda’
Percy Jackson Movie Cast
Listen You Must To These Yoda Quotes

SciFi movies

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Spanish Movie Posters
Hispanic American Movies
10 Best Spanish Lesbian Movies

Spanish Movies

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10 British War Movies That Will Move You
Civil War Movies: Good Old Americana
Saving Private Ryan Quotes That Killed Nazis And Freed The French

War Movies

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Wild West Movies
Blazing Saddles Quotes
Movie Cowboys That Rock


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