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Yes Man

If you were to blank Eternal Sunshine from our minds (get it?), it would be pretty safe to say that Jim Carrey hasn’t made a decent movie since the turn of the millennium. Yes Man might be his return to form, providing him a premise that’s plenty wacky: He has to say yes to everything and everyone for an entire year. It’s loosely based on a memoir of a guy named Danny Wallace who was probably less zany than Carrey, and didn’t get to go home and bang Jenny MacCarthy every night.

Chicks to watch for: Zooey Deschanel and Sasha Alexander

Studio: Warner Bros.

Release Date: 12/19/2008




Just Say Yes to the Yes Man Cast

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Jim Carrey – Carrey was the lead actor in this particular film and as he usually does was able to elicit laughs by playing the character of "Carl" very, very…


Yes Man Soundtrack Songs That Will Improve Your LIfe

Friday, September 16 by Frost

Bring on the agreeable when you throw on the "Yes Man" soundtrack. With a heavy flux of songs that suit the shifting moods of a film about agreeing to everything,…


Yes Man Soundtrack Song List

Monday, September 12 by Samantha Andrus

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