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X-Men Origins: Wolverine

You don’t have to be a cellar-dwelling comic nerd to have an unhealthy obsession with the X-Men, which is why the movies have been so successful, even though Brett Ratner made a mess of X3. The next taste we’re going to get of the team of super mutants comes in the form of Wolverine’s backstory. Hugh Jackma, of course, is still the one weilding the adamantium claws, along side a bunch of other mutants including Lady Deathstrike, Gambit and Sabretooth. If you’re even a little familiar with the comics, you know that Wolverine has one of the more interesting stories, so hopefully they won’t royally screw it up with lots non-sensical flashback footage or the tap dancing ugh is so fond of.

Studio: 20th Century Fox

Rating: PG-13

Release date: 5/1/09




Who Are The Real Villains In The ‘Wolverine’ Piracy Case?

Tuesday, December 20 by

The real monster here doesn’t have claws.

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