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DIRECTOR: James Gunn

CAST: Rainn Wilson; Liv Tyler; Kevin Bacon; Ellen Page; Nathan Fillion; Linda Cardellini; Andre Royo; Sean Gunn; Steve Agee; Michael Rooker

SYNOPSIS: An average joe turned vigilante wields a wrench for justice.



4 Superhero Orgin Story Movies We Would Like To See

Thursday, July 11 by Loretta Arnold

Besides "Batman", "Superman", and "Spiderman", there are just some superheroes that could have made a comeback, or been noticed more, if only they were introduced properly on the big screen….


Broken Lizard: 5 Movies Featuring The Comedy Geniuses

Thursday, August 2 by Tony Dayton

 For those who enjoy silly comedies, the Broken Lizard gang is what the doctor ordered! Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Hefferman, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter, and Erik Stolhanske make up Broken Lizard. Some…


James Gunn Talks ‘Super’, Beating Someone With A Pipe Wrench

Friday, April 1 by

Expect plenty of violence in Gunn’s film.

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