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This is a movie based on a popular teen book. Here’s a sample from its description of on Amazon:

What happens when two witty, wise, but vulnerable teens meet by accident at a chaotic punk rock club? They fall in love, of course. While both are dealing with the fallout of failed relationships and the infinite hurt that accompanies them, they are questioning everything about themselves, their friends, and their future paths…for grades 9 and up.

Infinite Hurt? In 9th GRADE!?!  Crib death, starvation, and ethnic cleansing:  that’s hurt.  Your grandparents surviving the great depression by eating their boot laces, that’s hurt. Having your 14 year old ex girlfriend show up to a show that your crappy little emo band is playing at a “punk rock club.” THAT is not hurt.

But the film is not like the book.  It asks the age-old question: “Will You Be My Girlfriend For Five Minutes?” A question often asked of flight attendants on transatlantic flights while standing next to the bathroom.  A question about the utter non-committal nature of the modern world, of the constant change that comes with being young. Or some bullshit like that. And yo, that Chick Kat Dennings is hot in a Send-Me-To-Jail kind of way.

Hot Chicks to Watch for: Kat Dennings, Alexis Dziena

Rating: This Film is Not Yet Rated

Release Date: 03/10/08

Studio:  Mandate/Sony Pictures



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