Monday, October 12 by

New York, I Love You

Director: Allen Hughes, Natalie Portman, Brett Ratner

Cast: Shia LaBeouf, Natalie Portman, Bradley Cooper, Orlando Bloom, Rachel Bilson

Synopsis: An anthology film joining several love stories set in one of the most loved cities of the world, New York.




The Film Cult Presents: Bill Cunningham New York

Friday, April 10 by

There are two amazing moments in the soon-to-be-classic documentary Bill Cunningham New York, one devastating, which we’ll talk about in a minute, and the other just plain bad-ass. The later…


Warners Bros. To Celebrate 20th Anniversary Of ‘Friends’ With Pop-Up Central Perk In NYC

Thursday, August 28 by

Finally, a place to buy coffee in New York!


Well Known Auteurs and New Faces Bring their Work to the New York Film Festival

Tuesday, October 25 by Corey Vasey

A home for creative filmmakers from all spectrums, the New York Film Festival has been one of the biggest events in film since its creation in 1963. Often abbreviated NYFF,…

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