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My Best Friend’s Girl

There’s nothing more excruciating that knowing your best friend is getting it on with the girl you should be hitting the sheets with, especially if your best friend happens to be Dane Cook. In this anti-rom com, Cook plays a guy who losers pay to treat the girls they love so badly, that they come running back into the pathetic arms. When Dane’s best friend, played by the appropriately and intentionally wimpy Jason Biggs, promises to help get Kate Hudson to fall in love with him, he finds himself falling for her. Hilarity, of course, ensues. The plot is a little familiar, but with enough cursing and Kate Hudson in tight pants, it should make for a great date movie. That is, of course, if Dane Cook doesn’t go stealing your woman first. Have you seen that guy’s abs? He must do pilates.

Director: Howard Deutch

Rating: R

Release Date: 9/19/2008



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