According to his website:

“A Cluster Award-winning, published author since the age of 13, Dr. Chevalier’s robust body of work includes titles such as Cyborg Harpies, Brain Cream, and the all new, completely original novel Brutus & Balzaak. Dr. Chevalier’s talents extend into such varied spheres as the sciences, arts. His original painted works have received various accolades within the “Art World”, and he’s revolutionized the genre of “Visitation Portraiture”.
Currently, Dr. Chevalier lives on a ranch in southern Utah.”

And its all part of a viral marketing campaign for the latest movie by Jared Hess, writer of Napoleon Dynamite. Here’s the one sentence synopsis:
A teenager attends a fantasy writers' convention where he discovers his idea has been stolen by an established novelist.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’ll see any movie that has Sam Rockwell in it. This one should be a winner.

Hot Chicks To Watch For:  Stiffler’s Mom

Rating: TBD

Studio: Ripcord Pictures

Release Date: 2009