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This is a movie about a robot who really wants to get with this girl robot. She’s not even that good looking. He’s just lonely. Really, really lonely.  Seriously, she’s just like a white chunck of plastic. Some things happen, other robots revolt, a fat guy with Jeff Garlin’s voice shows up, planet earth is repopulated, and Wall-E gets to put his soldering iron in the lady-bot’s C-Drive.  



7 Horrific Visions of A Nuclear Apocalypse In Movies

Saturday, January 19 by Lee Keeler

In the lens of Hollywood, the world of tomorrow can be portrayed in variations that are as terrifying as they are accidentally comedic. Be it a Costner that flops or…


8 Space Travel Movies Like 2001

Friday, August 24 by Joseph Gibson

"2001: A Space Odyssey" is one of the greatest movies ever made about traveling through the stars, but as true cinephiles know, it's not the only one. Here are eight…


6 SciFi Romance Movies Men And Women Will Love

Sunday, March 11 by Joseph Gibson

Alphaville" Jean-Luc Godard never made a conventional movie, so it would be silly to expect his science fiction film "Alphaville" to be a typical entry in the genre. The "future"…

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