It's new DVD day, which means it's time for the Screen Junkies DVD Rundown. This week, we run the gauntlet from Sucker Punch to Stuart Little, from cage matches to Cowboy Bebop. If none of that tickles your fancy, there's always the Lord of the Rings or Jumangi DVDs. And after all that, if you're still not satisfied, I really don't know what to tell you other than the world doesn't revolve around you, and maybe you should learn to be happy with the hand you've been dealt.

At any rate, here's this week's DVD Rundown!

New Releases

Sucker PunchSeason of the WitchBarney's VersionBeastly


LOTR ExtendedJumangiCowboy BebopStuart Little



Law and Order: Criminal Intent (S:6)Ancient Aliens (S:2)Warehouse 13 (S:2)WWE: Greatest Cage Matches