DVD Rundown: July 5th

Tuesday, July 5 by

It’s new DVD day. Deal with it.

Sorry I snapped. I’m just a little upset that Boy Meets World season six is out, and I’m stuck at work like a jackass instead of watching it. I’m sure you can sympathize. Also out this week is Das Boot, for those of you who like to watch Nazis on boats. There’s other stuff coming out as well, but if I list it all here, you won’t bother to read on. So take a look below.

Here’s this week’s DVD Rundown!

New Releases

13 Assassins BloodRayne: The Third Reich Hobo with a Shotgun Das Boot



Life According to Jim (S:4) Boy Meets World (S:6) The Cape (S:1) Victorious (S:1 Vol. 1)
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